New Free IBM Watson Chatbot Enables Small Businesses to Offer Better Customer Service

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Get to understand your customers better using a chatbot! It collects information 24/7/365 and gives the customer an answer round the clock.”

— Lars Hendriksen

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, March 21, 2022 / — An intelligent Chatbot is a huge benefit for many smaller companies, helping them to offer their customers support 24/7/365. A Chatbot enables business owners to learn what their customers are curious about and what they need. Normally, the cost for this service is prohibitive for small business owners. In the past, it has been quite expensive to get an “IBM Watson Chatbot” developed.

That’s why the new Free IBM Watson Chatbot is such a game changer. This tool is free to set up and use for thirty days. If the business owner decides to keep it, then he or she is charged a flat rate. There are no ongoing monthly fees. There may be fees from IBM for the continued use of the Bot, but there are no additional fees from LHCom.

Business owners have struggled in the past, not even really knowing what questions to ask in order to get a Chatbot properly developed. They often cannot afford high monthly fees for such a service. That’s why the new Free IBM Watson Chatbot is such a valuable tool.

It was created and developed by Lars Hendriksen. He is a seasoned IBM Watson Chatbot developer. The setup for this service is fairly straightforward. The business owner goes to the website, types in some information about their company, then they are directed to a page where they fill in the data.

The data consists of 20 answers with at least 5 corresponding questions to each answer. These should be typical questions they would expect their customers to ask. These can include things like business hours, types of services offered, experience and feedback or even how a product works. It’s all up to the business owner.

Developer, Lars Hendriksen, had this to say: “I saw how so many small businesses were struggling to compete with larger websites. They simply can’t afford the same types of gadgets to make the customer experience better. So, I developed this tool, which is fairly easy to use. And it’s not expensive. Just about any small business owner can afford this.”

Chatbots are used by companies all over the world each and every day. They’re convenient and they help website visitors get basic information without having to make a phone call or get an actual customer service agent on the line.

The new IBM Watson Chatbot can be used by any size company in any country. Though the developer is Danish, the website is currently in English. It can be translated into any language. The website is easy to navigate.


About Lars Hendriksen

LHCom is run by Lars Hendriksen, a Danish software engineer. The site provides development in HCL Notes/Domino and IBM Watson.

Since 1998, LHCom has carried out exciting IT projects for large and small companies in a wide range of industries. Lars Hendriksen works with administrating Værftet and Værftet Productions in Køge.

He is also a teacher for the “IBM Watson Assistant Chatbot” technology. He is an active sailor in the summertime and has his own Hallberg Rassy 342 in the Ishøj harbour.

He has been a Rotary member for 14 years now. He recently developed a Free IBM Watson Chatbot for small business owners. For more information, Free chatbot! IBM Watson free on your website! (

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Lars Hendriksen develops and teaches the technology behind developing a chatbot.

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