Matsui Gin Wins Top Prizes at The World Gin Awards 2022

WGA 2022

Kurayoshi Distillery

Kurayoshi Distillery

Straight Potstills at Kurayoshi Distillery

Straight Potstills at Kurayoshi Distillery

KURAYOSHI, TOTTORI, JAPAN, March 30, 2022 / — On 22nd January 2022, Matsui Whisky is pleased to announce that Matsui Gin “The Hakuto” and “The Hakuto Premium” have won the following awards including The Gold and Silver Awards of The Contemporary Gin Style at the World Gin Awards 2022 (WGA), the world’s most prestigious gin competition.

■ Award details

Matsui Gin “The Hakuto” / Gold at The Contemporary Style Gin

Matsui Gin “The Hauto Premium”/ Sliver at The Contemporary Style Gin

■1.World Gin Awards

The World Gin Awards is a competition organized by The World Drinks Awards(UK) to select the best gin in each category from over 800 brands submitted from around the world. These gins entered in The World Gin Awards are judged by a panel of renowned journalists, bartenders, and beverage writers. “Country Winner”, “Gold Winner”, “Silver Winner”, and “Bronze Winner” are selected in each country. In addition to gin, there are various other categories such as whisky and vodka, and it is one of the world’s leading competitions where many brands gather together.

World Gin Awards Official Website:

■2. Kurayoshi Distillery

Kurayoshi Distillery is based in Kurayoshi City, Tottori prefecture, Japan, producing Whisky, Gin, and Umeshu (Japanese Ume plum liqueur). Matsui Whisky brand, such as The Matsui Single Malt Whisky, and “Kurayoshi (City)”, “Tottori (Prefecture)” and “San-in (Region)” named after the hometown, is now widely available in over 60 countries.

Not satisfied with the status quo, we will continue to create new value for the world, anticipating distribution and sales in 10, 20 and 30 years time.

■3. Product Information

■Product: Matsui Gin -The Hakuto-



With an emphasis on the Japanese pear “Nashi” from Tottori Prefecture draws upon 9 botanicals: juniper berries, coriander seed, orange peel, yuzu peel, Japanese ginger, green tea, cherry blossom and black pepper. The scent evokes refreshing citrus fruit combined with tasting notes of sweet pear, black pepper and spicy Japanese pepper. Drink straight, or mix this in a cocktail of your choice.

■Product:Matsui Gin -The Hakuto Premium-



Including 9 local botanicals such as Pears from Tottori and the addition of 5 secrets Japanese Botanicals evoke a rich scent. Unique flavors that dfferentiates it from your ordinary gin. Please enjoy the spicy yet sweet and refreshing refined flavors.

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