launches the first global patient-centric healthcare platform combining communities with crowd knowledge

Swiss-based startup enables members to gain new and unique insights into conditions and cures as they help each other, and themselves.

By connecting people and letting them share their health experiences on a secure platform, purpose built for healthcare, we can close the healthcare information gap.”

— Andrew Smith, CEO,

CHAM, ZG, SWITZERLAND, March 23, 2022 / — Imagine a social media platform for healthcare – what would that mean? Well, it would mean a platform where everyone around the world could manage and deal with their health journey – whether that is a painful journey or not. They could compare notes with other people around the world, feeling less lonely about the journey they are on. Getting hope, help and putting themselves in control of their own health.

Some people who have been through a difficult journey write their story down and share with as many people as they can. They do this because they want to help other people avoid the suffering that they endured. And it also helps them. Imagine if all the people who might be interested in such a story could be told about it – rather than, by chance, happening to come accross it in some strange part of the internet. Wouldn’t that be good?

The Swiss-based startup is the first truly global and independent social media platform for healthcare built with Microsoft Azure. The carecircle app was recently released in 158 countries and is available on the web, App Store and Google Play. It is available across the world for free and allows people to exchange experiences safely and securely about their health journeys with people just like them. challenges established social media – which is driven by ads, not health outcomes – and allows people to get help from others, hope about new treatments, and gain control of their own health journeys. Patients first, science first. is committed to closing the information gap in healthcare. For example, if a new piece of medical information cames to light about a new drug or treatment, or an adverse effect, wouldn’t it be good if all the people around the world impacted by this could be informed quickly and directly? carecircle’s secure social communities are targeted at doing just that. also provides a storytelling platform to allow people who have been through a difficult or enlightening health journey to share their experiences with others. not only provides the tools to author and share stories via a beautiful user interface but also features responsible intelligence to flag the story to those who would benefit from it. Finally, the platform provides elegant and graphical tools for documenting and journaling health journeys, with data based on acceptable international health standards. Together patients and caregivers can find the answers.

About is the first global, independent healthcare platform which combines communities with crowd-based knowledge. A Swiss-based startup serving the world, is part of the Microsoft for Startups program and is conducting healthcare technology research with the Swiss Federal Institution of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich). Data is powered by the WHO Drug Global. The carecircle app is currently available in 158 countries. It is accessible through and on the Apple and Android stores.

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