Improving migration management

Improving migration management

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15 June 2018

The act governing family reunification of persons eligible for subsidiary protection has been adopted.

Today the Bundestag adopted a bill to amend rules for foreigners immigrating to Germany to join family members eligible for subsidiary protection.

The Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community said: “I am glad that the act amending family reunification was adopted today. This is an important measure to improve migration management in the context of the Federal Government’s general approach to migration. The act strikes a balance between society’s ability to integrate newcomers, humanitarian aspects and increased security.”

As a consequence, core families can once again be reunited on humanitarian grounds: spouses may joint their partners, unmarried minor children their parents, and parents their minor children. Integration efforts increase the chance of being selected because they help reduce the burden on social security systems and improve the integration possibilities of family members immigrating to Germany. The act also contains clear rules for the exclusion of family reunification, such as security aspects, for example if a serious criminal offence has been committed. The act also rules out family members joining a potential terrorist in Germany. This improves security in Germany.

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