It’s predicted that the Europeans will have the coldest Christmas ever, BLUETTI have the solution

BLUETTI is ready for Black Friday





Europe’s electricity prices continue shattering records as the chilly winter looms. It’s predicted that the Europeans will have the coldest Christmas ever.

MüNCHEN, MüNCHEN, GERMANY, November 21, 2022 / — To help get through the wintertime economically, BLUETTI will put two of its newest masterworks on market this November. Moreover, it offers a bunch of special deals for the upcoming Black Friday. Sneak peat at the following now-or-never best buys.

Industry-leading Backup Power

EP600 & AC500

The brand-new EP600 and AC500 will go on sale on Nov. 10st and Nov. 18th separately. They are 100% modular and can expand their capacities–EP600 with B500 to max 79kWh, AC500 with B300S to max 18.432kWh. The 6.000W EP600 with 2*B500 will have a early price of 8.999€ till this December 31. While the debut price of the 5.000W AC500 is also surprisingly affordable, for single AC500 or B300S, it only takes 2.899€ or 2.799€,for the two combined, 5.699€ which looks super-value than its retail price of 6.099€.

First Round of Promotion 11.10-11.30


At 10 pounds, the EB3A is compact and rather powerful to juice up 9 devices at once. This 600W inverter also supports BLUETTI APP connectivity, remote monitoring only needs a click on the phone. With a 430W AC + Solar dual charging, the 268Wh battery can be topped up in 1.7 hours. A perfect mobile power source for emergencies and outdoor activities. There is a 100€ discount on a single unit or the combos with PV120/PV200. Snap them now.

EP500 & EP500Pro

Known as the Home Guardian Series, the EP500 and the EP500Pro are all-in-one solar generators with a capacity of 5.100Wh. They can deliver 2.000W and 3.000W power respectively to run refrigerators, ovens, or TVs easily. Their UPS features are designed to prevent data loss and life inconveniences in the event of a power outage.

BLUETTI slashes 400€ off for EP500 and EP500Pro, so you can get them at 4.599€ or 5.299€ . If you decide to save on your electric bills with free sunlight, check out the combos below to save up to 700€ at once and a lot in the future.

AC200MAX & AC200P

The AC200P and AC200MAX are all-rounders with more than 2.000W output and 16 outlets. They can supply UPS power to your home and endless solar power to your camping, off-grid life.

Generally, 2.000Wh or 2.048Wh is sufficient for a camping trip. But the AC200 series even goes beyond that as the capacity is expandable with B230 or B300 battery. Check out the combos to customize your power system and level up your adventure game.

Either explore further or cut the electric bills, the AC200 series can always lend a helping hand. The AC200MAX can support 1.400W AC+ Solar dual charging, while AC200P, 1.100W. That means their recharging time is reduced to 3 hours. Get the combos to access free solar power.

Second Round of Promotion 11.18–11.30


The modular AC300 features a 3.000W inverter with 16 outlets. Connected to four 3.072Wh B300 batteries, it will have a whopping capacity of 12.288Wh.

Recharging the power giant in 5.400W dual charging mode is far from time-consuming. Whether you’re building a home backup power system or going solar, the combo will never let you down.

Solar panels

BLUETTI’s solar panels during Black Friday sale include PV120, PV200, PV350. They are made from monocrystalline cell of 23.4% efficiency and compatible with most solar generators. The fold-and-go design makes them an excellent companion for campers and nature-lovers. Get yours and never run out of power.


With 12 output options, the 700W EB70 can power almost any mid-power appliance and mobile device. It also supports pass-through charging on both DC and AC ports, you can charge its 716Wh battery via solar panels while powering all your essentials on the go. Get the EB70 with PV200 at 1.099€, 200€ drop from its MRP of 1.299€.

Battery Bundles

The 2.048Wh B230 and 3.072Wh B300 battery can remain 80% of the original capacity after 3.500 life cycles. They not only boost generators’ capacities, but also dish out DC power directly via three outputs. Now they bundle with solar panels or charging enhancer D050S to upgrade your power backup system at the least cost.


With over 10 years of industry experience, BLUETTI has tried to stay true to a sustainable future through green energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use while delivering an exceptional eco-friendly experience for everyone and the world. BLUETTI is making its presence in 70+ countries and is trusted by millions of customers across the globe. For more information, please visit BLUETTI online at

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The biggest sale of the year – BLUETTI’s Black Friday

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