Real opportunities for well-integrated people

Real opportunities for well-integrated people


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Civil protection

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28 December 2022

People who are well integrated in Germany should also have good opportunities here. With its new legislation offering opportunities to acquire legal residence status, the Federal Government has taken a step in this direction.

A new perspective in immigration policy

“The new legislation on residence opportunities represents a new perspective in immigration policy,” explained Nancy Faeser, Federal Minister of the Interior and Community. “We want to end the practice of issuing successive suspensions of deportation. This also means an end to the bureaucratic burdens and uncertainty for people who have already become part of our society.”

The new legislation comes with clearly defined criteria: “Anyone who breaks the law or persistently refuses to provide information about their identity is not eligible for the opportunities to acquire legal residence,” Federal Minister Faeser said.

Residence granted for a year and a half to fulfil the criteria for legal residence

Foreigners who as at 31 October 2022 have lived in Germany for at least five years and whose deportation has been suspended have 18 months to meet the requirements for the right of residence. This means demonstrating that

  • they are able to support themselves financially,
  • they can speak German, and
  • they are able to provide definite proof of their identity

What else does the new legislation change?

  • Well-integrated individuals under 27 years of age may be granted the right of residence after three years.
  • It will be easier for skilled workers to bring their families with them to Germany, as family members will no longer need to prove that they can speak German.
  • Asylum applicants will be able to start taking language and integration courses while their asylum application is still being processed, regardless of their prospects of remaining in Germany.
  • It will be easier to revoke criminal offenders’ right of residence and to order detention prior to deportation to ensure that they do not abscond before they are deported.

The new legislation on residence opportunities (Zweites Gesetz zur Einführung eines Chancen-Aufenthaltsrechts) was published in the Federal Law Gazette today and enters into force on 31 December 2022.

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