The secrets of high prices by car selling and buying providers

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This short guide will help you save time and money and get the best possible price when selling your car.

BERLIN, GERMANY, April 10, 2022 / — Almost everyone has been faced with the decision to sell their car and probably knows the advantages and disadvantages of the many options. This short guide will help you save time and money and get the best possible price when selling your car. Furthermore, we disclose the reason why specialised car purchase export dealers often give very profitable prices in the form of an offer.

Selling cars via portals and also classified ads:

Before used car online forums on the World Wide Web were powerful and renowned, people often advertised the car in newspapers and magazines locally and nationwide. This method is still established now, but no longer as effective as online car forums, which we have certainly all seen in TV commercials.

The advantage of this method of selling the car is certainly a relatively profitable price, as many buyers will write if you leave the purchase price free or advertise an objective car value. In this way, you can choose the highest offer. However, even then you should ask for a second offer from a professional buyer – especially if you have little knowledge of current used car prices. In addition, non-professional buyers will not scrutinise the car very closely. Whether this is a pro or a con is an open question.

The disadvantage of this option, however, is the time-consuming labour input that one has to calculate with. The appearance with one’s own eyes often differs from snapshots, which is why one is not forced to come to an agreement after meeting. There is almost always an attempt to renegotiate. Often a lot of appointments have to be made and viewings have to be arranged. If you have advertised a fairly high purchase value in advance, fewer buyers will naturally respond. However, you will have to wait a long time for someone to get in touch and you will have to make more announcements if necessary.

If you have inferior private trading skills and are not familiar with current car values, you run the risk of fixing a purchase value that is too cheap.

Buying a car through a local used car dealer:

One method is to use local used car dealers, who are practically always accessible when buying a used car. A quick search, e.g. in the yellow pages, is sufficient and you will usually find a number of companies in the vicinity. If necessary, a lot of bids can be solicited in one day.

The advantage at the car dealer is a decent price, which is slightly below the list price. This is a great time-saver in addition to selling privately via advertisements. The purchase prices can be requested in one day from many used car dealers (Which is always appropriate) and the car can often be parked right away at the car dealer. All the necessary documentation is handed over immediately.

The drawback is the selling price, which is expected to be slightly below the comparative value, as the used car dealer wants to make some profit and may have to price with long storage periods and expenses.
Don’t be surprised that the used car dealer will inspect the vehicle very closely. Understandably, he wants to be sure that the purchase price actually corresponds to the car’s value. Dents, dings and scratches, for example, will result in a price reduction or enormous defects will be registered that were previously unknown.


Alternatively, car dealers offer a trade-in when buying a new or used car. This means that if you buy a new or used car, they will send you a price proposal for the purchase of your car.

The advantage here is a high saving of time and effort, because the change of the vehicle is done in one go.

No uniform statement can be made about the purchase value, since the sales price is calculated on the purchase price and used car dealers have a clear trading margin. This means that the car purchase offers can be very varied.

The shortfall MAY be – but need not be – a purchase offer that is, on the whole, just below the list price. Again, it is recommended to ask for one or a variety of bids for comparison.

The sale via special car purchase experts:

These car dealers focus on the core business of buying cars in Germany. They constantly advertise that they will pay the most profitable price or the highest price if you want to sell the car. If you believe in a special offer that is never true, you are making a big mistake. Therefore, the question arises why a professional dealer can more often pay prices that correspond to the value of the used car or are even higher, if he wants to earn a little on the trade itself?

The majority of commercial car purchase providers are interested in purchasing used cars throughout Germany and do not offer a retail shop for public visits. The purchased cars are immediately exported and offered overseas, for this reason a physical shop is not necessary and the dealer saves money.

Sometimes bearable offers for car purchase arise with special models or with certain conditions of the used cars. If the used car has an increasingly noticeable or fundamental gearbox and or engine damage, which is sometimes counted among the most economical damages, or if the used car is counted among the accident vehicle or accident car, you can assume a considerably profitable purchase offer here if you intend to sell the car. Some models are very popular in distant countries.

Furthermore, the commercial dealers also acquire minibuses, transport vehicles and trucks as well as company cars. If you want to sell your car, you should always have such car purchase providers on your agenda.

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