Music video for “Zabble Dub” by EMPTY CANS IN OUTER SPACE and “Outer Worlds” album.

Hand crafted animation space drama and a second full length album by EMPTY CANS IN OUTER SPACE

NICOSIA, CYPRUS, April 15, 2022 / — OMNINORM Records presents the music video for “Zabble Dub” by EMPTY CANS IN OUTER SPACE and “Outer Worlds” album.
Space, the final frontier… Where technologies meet courage, calculations outweigh the risk, and big dreams demand hard work. Where the price of a mistake is more than just another attempt. A history of victories, mysteries, tragedies, and a full string of possible and impossible conspiracies.

To celebrate the release of the new album and look back on the history of humans escaping the boundaries of their native planet, OMNINORM Records presents a music video for “Zabble Dub” by EMPTY CANS IN OUTER SPACE. This painstakingly handcrafted animation film is the result of the joint work of the band and graphic artist Ivan Drybas.


“Outer Worlds” is a second full length album by EMPTY CANS IN OUTER SPACE, a guitar/synth Internet duo from Germany and Belarus. The album consists of 10 tracks which roughly fall under the description of ‘space electronic rock’, but stretch into a wider list of subgenres and styles. From experimental electro-acoustic tracks to poetic instrumentals, the record mixes electric guitars and some heavy bass with psychedelic synths and IDM-like beats, unwinding into a solid sonic journey. A dedication to Holger Czukay on the opening track hints at what the inspirations for this record were and its formula: a careful selection of the countless experiment results, a blend of ideas, calls, and responses. Fully produced by the band and mastered by Bill Sellar at Super Audio Mastering.


For the first time, EMPTY CANS IN OUTER SPACE released their music on SoundCloud seven years ago. The duo operates from Mannheim, Germany, and Minsk, Belarus. Both participants release their music separately as well; both play guitars, bass and keys; both program and produce. Both artists hide behind the string of numerous pseudonyms and side-projects, such as Garfungiloops, Emp_teleport, a.Kowalski, and Snow Collector. After numerous tracks on SoundCloud and their first full-length album “All Who Reflecting As Reflected See”, self-published on BandCamp, ECOS were signed to OMNINORM Records .

Ivan Drybas is a Cyprus-based artist whose main background is in game development. Concept art, sketches, UX, and design, even voiceovers – his long history has it all. During last years, Ivan turns more and more attention to various forms and styles new to him, re-inventing and re-discovering himself as a creative unit. His love for inking in particular led to the creation of this hand-crafted animation. More than 2000 frames and elements were done and it took almost a year to accomplish the project.


Outer Worlds is available on most streaming platforms from April 15th, with the animated music video for Zabble Dub being released on April 12th, the 61st anniversary of the first human flight into outer space.


“Zabble Dub” music video:

“Outer Worlds” album:



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