Annabella – the first breast pump to simulate a baby’s tongue, was launched in Israel, taking an estimated 10% of the monthly Israeli breast pump market, in February. The company is raising funds to accelerate penetration to the UK and US markets

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Annabella, the world’s first breast pump to simulate a baby’s tongue during the pumping process, was recently launched in Israel after five years of development. The Annabella made its market debut on February 16, 2023, and quickly captured an estimated 10% share of the monthly sales in the Israeli breast pump market.

Annabella’s innovative technology mimics the natural suckling motion of a baby’s tongue. The breast pump was recently put through a clinical trial which demonstrated that it can extract nearly twice as much milk on average, as the best pumps currently available in the market, without causing discomfort or pain. “Annabella is revolutionary. Moms are overwhelmed by how nice it feels,” said Alona Arbel, one of the lactation consultants who took part in the clinical trial.

To secure its position as a disruptor in the breast pump industry, Annabella has filed 11 patents in various markets. The breast pump was launched in collaboration with “Shilav,” Israel’s largest chain of stores for baby products. Within days of its launch, the pump had already sold out, with sales split between Shilav and the Annabella website.

The breast pump industry has seen little technological innovation in recent years, despite being valued at $4.4 billion annually with 7% yearly growth. Annabella is poised to change that by providing mothers with a more efficient and comfortable pumping experience.

With its initial success in Israel, Annabella is now seeking to expand into the UK and US markets. The company is opening another investment round to raise funds for this expansion. Investors have been eager to support the product since its appearance on the Israeli version of the Shark Tank show in 2020, where its potential was quickly recognized.

For more information about Annabella, please contact Senia Waldberg at [email protected] or +972547971036.

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