NOVELDA Announces New Ultra-Wideband Child Presence Detection (CPD) Sensor, Enabling Lifesaving Sensing for Automotive and IoT Markets

NOVELDA to demo X7 UWB CPD Sensor at CES 2024, showcasing superior alternative to 60GHz and other UWB sensors

OSLO, Norway, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CES 2024 — Today, NOVELDA, innovator of the world’s most reliable and energy-efficient ultra-wideband (UWB) radar sensors, announces it will demonstrate its new X7 UWB Child Presence Detection (CPD) and Vital Signs Monitoring solution at CES 2024. NOVELDA’s new solution features robust child presence detection and in-cabin sensing with unrivaled power consumption down to below 100µW. NOVELDA’s UWB CPD sensor provides automotive manufacturers with a more reliable, energy-efficient alternative to 60GHz sensors for lifesaving child presence detection, seat occupancy, in-cabin positioning and intrusion detection applications. NOVELDA’s UWB X7 CPD sensor is already in the initial sampling phase with several of the world’s largest car OEMs.

Editorial Note: NOVELDA will demonstrate the NOVELDA UWB CPD Sensor and the NOVELDA Ultra-Low Power Presence Sensor at CES 2024, Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 9-12th at The Mirage Hotel. Please complete our contact form or contact [email protected] to arrange a meeting before or during the show. Evaluation kits for NOVELDA’s X7 UWB CPD Sensor will be available in the first half of 2024.

As required by new applicable regulations, NOVELDA’s in-cabin UWB CPD sensor solution can set off an alarm within seconds if the driver has left a child or pet in the vehicle. NOVELDA’s CPD turnkey solution sets a new standard in terms of ease of use and integration, reliability and power consumption. Automotive OEMs and Tier-1s can also integrate NOVELDA’s new X7 solution to replace seat occupancy sensors, enabling robust human presence detection and positioning within the cabin. X7 sensors will also support other advanced features and automotive applications, such as vital signs monitoring and kick sensor for easy trunk access, preventing false positives due to pets.

NOVELDA’s UWB CPD Sensor Outpaces Competing 60GHz Sensors for Automotive Manufacturers

Seeing through seats: NOVELDA’s UWB CPD sensor is superior to 60GHz-based sensors for automotive manufacturers because it is intrinsically less sensitive to obstacles and materials, featuring better penetration abilities, hence requiring only one sensor inside the cabin for full coverage. The sensor can register micro-movements like respiration and heartbeat. Thus, the NOVELDA X7 UWB CPD Sensor is the solution of choice, able to safely detect a child even if covered under a blanket, moved away from its baby seat or on the floor. NOVELDA´s X7 radar sensor operates at less than 100 µW in presence detection mode, substantially outperforming the power consumption of 60GHz and other UWB sensors.

NOVELDA’s UWB CPD Sensor Simplifies Integration of CPD Technology

1,050 children have died due to vehicular heatstroke since 1990. Global government actions aim to reduce these preventable tragedies, with the United States government’s Hot Cars Act and Federal Communications Committee prioritizing the integration of in-cabin child safety technologies, requiring child presence detection (CPD) in all new cars by 2025. Similar European actions are underway through the European New Car Assessment Programme.

NOVELDA’s new UWB CPD sensor is well-positioned to transform child car safety, helping leading automotive manufacturers meet regulatory requirements as the solution of choice for cost-effective design and seamless integration into vehicles. NOVELDA is a proud member of the Car Connectivity Consortium, working to ensure interoperability and vehicle accessibility for smart mobile devices.

“By inventing this revolutionary UWB child presence detection radar sensor, we dramatically simplify automotive manufacturers’ integration of lifesaving child presence detection technology into their new vehicles,” said Jean-Christophe Doucet, CCO at NOVELDA. “Our new radar combines unrivaled reliability and energy efficiency that far exceeds the capabilities of competing UWB and 60GHz sensors. Our sensor is the solution of choice for helping automakers prevent tragic deaths from pediatric heatstroke.”

UWB: the next wireless revolution

Due to UWB’s transformative functionality and numerous use cases, RationalStat values the global UWB market at $1 billion currently, projecting a compound annual growth rate of 18 percent from 2023-2030, exceeding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. UWB marks the next wireless revolution and is already used by major computer, automotive and smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Google and Samsung. NOVELDA’s leading UWB technology has been integrated by Lenovo, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, commanding 24 percent market share in 2022.
For more information about the world’s most reliable, energy-efficient radar system and its applications, please visit or contact Jean-Christophe Doucet at [email protected]

“The ultra-wideband sensing market is expected to capture significant new opportunities over the next decade due to UWB’s ability to support diverse use cases across a range of markets, including automotive, commercial building, smart home and mainstream consumer devices,” said Andrew Zignani, Senior Research Director at ABI Research. “NOVELDA’s newest sensor, designed for automotive child presence detection and in-cabin sensing, will help to enable this projected growth and demonstrates the value of UWB’s accuracy for various vertical markets.”

NOVELDA provides the world’s most accurate, power-efficient and reliable sensor solution for human presence detection. Our Ultra-Wideband (UWB) short-range impulse radar sensors achieve new levels of user experience and interactivity in a variety of indoor and short-range applications including consumer electronics, smart home, building automation and automotive.

NOVELDA was founded in 2004 and is today recognized as the world’s leading authority on UWB short-range radar sensor design. Our technology complies with worldwide UWB regulations and is protected by several design patents. We are headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with regional sales offices in Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan employing a total of 85 employees. Making life easier by creating seamless interaction between people and things. NOVELDA Ultra-Wideband Sensor – the most reliable sensor in the world. 

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