Academic Influence Ranks the Colleges with the Most Cheerful Christmas Traditions

DENTON, Texas, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — is pleased to announce their article, “Colleges with the Most Cheerful Christmas Traditions.” This article features schools that are regionally accredited and provide students with a well rounded education. However, academia is not what Academic Influence is focusing on in this article. Instead, with Christmas around the corner, this article focuses on the most wonderful time of year. The aim of this article is to showcase the best Christmas traditions and festivities on college campuses.

What Academic Influence Does

Using its proprietary InfluenceRanking Engine—innovative machine-learning technology that objectively measures a school’s influence through its students, faculty, staff, and alumni—Academic Influence ranks academic persons, institutions, and disciplinary programs. Academic Influence uses objective measures to assist students in finding the right school for them based on their academic hopes, career goals, and other pertinent factors. One important factor that students take into consideration is student life, and a large part of student life relates to how well the school celebrates holidays.

The Importance of School Celebrations

Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations of the year for many people. For those of the Christian faith, this time of year is especially important. The Christmas celebrations bring people together, as well as provide a way for Christians to corporately worship and celebrate an important part of their faith.

Academic Influence writes that both Christian and secular schools participate in Christmas traditions on campus. It is a way of building community between students as well as creating ways for the local community to become involved. One college that provides a great example of this is the University of Dayton. The school pairs its students up with 1000 local children from the Dayton area who may not otherwise get the chance to celebrate Christmas. These celebrations indeed spread cheer to students, but true to the heart of the season, these celebrations are for one and all.

Academia Meets the Spirit of the Season

Academic Influence used a number of criteria to develop its ranking of the most cheerful Christmas traditions, including factors such as the number of days that Christmas events were offered by the college and the amount of student and community involvement. College campuses want the joy of these celebrations to spread to the local community as a way to promote campus pride and togetherness.

Some of the most famous Christmas celebrations mentioned in the article include “A Carroll Christmas” at the University of Notre Dame, with horse-drawn carriage rides, the lighting of the tree, and visits from Santa. Baylor University has a cheery Christmas market and Texas Tech University has a spectacular fireworks show. The majority of the colleges listed host large recitals or Christmas movie showings. With the wide variety of holiday activities to choose from, there’s bound to be something for everyone!

Schools Ranked in Academic Influence’s Article

Academic Influence’s ranking of the colleges with the most cheerful Christmas traditions was written to inform students and communities of college campuses about ways to join the spirit of the season through campus traditions and celebrations. Whether taking in a Christmas pageant, attending a candlelit advent mass, or viewing a light show, these cheerful Christmas traditions are sure to boost holiday joy and spread merriment to all! The schools and their ranking are listed as follows:

  1. Seton Hall University
  2. University of Notre Dame
  3. Baylor University
  4. Villanova University
  5. Brigham Young University
  6. High Point University
  7. Texas Tech University
  8. Lipscomb University
  9. St. Olaf College
  10. St. Mary’s University
  11. University of Dayton

See the full ranking of the colleges with the most cheerful Christmas traditions.

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