Entrepreneur, US Marine Corps Veteran Departs for Fourth Trip to Ukraine to Supply Equipment & Training

President and Founder of US Ghost Adventures Continues to Support Ukrainian Defense

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ORLANDO, Fla., June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the war in Ukraine enters its 16th month, Lance Zaal, founder of US Ghost Adventures, announces his fourth trip to the war zone June 6th to continue to support the men he trained and others he met along the way. Some of the fighters include Americans who have volunteered, and Russian Legion, whom Zaal financially supports. Zaal is a Marine veteran who traveled to Ukraine on three separate occasions in the last year.

He first trained 80 civilians to resist invading Russians in March and April of 2022, and supplied them with body armor vests, first aid kits, and provided night vision optics and other supplies to Alpha GRU, an elite Ukrainian Spetsnaz group.

Subsequent trips led him to Kharkiv to Donbas and Zaporizhzhia, where he continued to support the men with drones, thermal and night vision optics, secure communications equipment, and other supplies.

Along the way, he met a heroic helicopter pilot, who would later be awarded Ukraine’s highest honor, Hero of Ukraine, by President Zelensky, and supported their unit with critical supplies. Zaal has spent nearly a quarter million to date and continues to seek donations from the public through Ghosts of Liberty to accelerate his efforts.

Ghosts of Liberty is a private organization Zaal established to help the public and combat veterans who are looking to support the resistance movement and help citizens in Ukraine fight back.

“I will continue to do everything I can to meet the needs of those defending Ukraine. Despite assistance from governments and organizations across the world, the scope of the conflict is so vast – and brutal – that many small and important needs remain unfulfilled,” said Zaal. “I may not be training any longer, but I feel I have a duty to continue my support by employing my resources to a just cause. As a veteran I could train them, but as a businessman with resources, I can do much more to further that support.”

Zaal believes that no one deserves to be thrown into such a brutal war, especially in the 21st century, and he encourages everyone to rally to support Ukraine because he says this is everyone’s fight.

“The men I trained were good people and not fighters; they are photographers, real estate investors, doctors, dentists, and artists – all who rose to the occasion. Some have been killed, others captured, and many others wounded. Their death and pain both saddens and angers me. It’s easy for me to give money, when they are forced to fight for their lives and loved ones.”


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