Eric Jia-Sobota, EverGlade Consulting Founder, Reflects on Pride and Three Years as an LGBT Owned Enterprise

CHARLESTON, S.C., June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As EverGlade Consulting passes its three-year milestone, supplier diversity is quickly becoming the cornerstone to a new era of diversity, equity, and inclusion in today’s evolving business ecosystem. Visibility and representation have been shown to be marked characteristics that foster more inclusivity and advance equitable agendas within businesses, organizations, and even governmental entities. As part of this effort, EverGlade Consulting became part of the NGLCC certification program in the hopes to promote more transparency and visibility within the professional services industry. As a member of the NGLCC, EverGlade strives to further strengthen and connect LGBT business communities.

“When I started my career in government contracting over two decades ago, being a gay professional was much more difficult,” explained Eric Jia-Sobota, Founder of EverGlade Consulting. “By choosing to be visible in the business community, especially in a field that is not especially known for LGBT businesses, the path has been just a little easier for those who came after me.” he concluded.

With pride month in full swing, EverGlade continues to honor the resilience and determination of the LGBT community and their efforts to protect their rights and their identities. By maintaining visibility and standing proudly as an LGBT-led company, EverGlade leadership hopes to inspire and create space for more LGBT-led businesses and markets. EverGlade believes that such visibility will create more understanding among all communities, including those outside of the LGBT identification.

The White House press release regarding LGBTQI+ Pride 2023 states that “Democracies are stronger when they celebrate the full rights and value of all persons, without discrimination.” This statement is also true of business, companies, and corporations. As an LGBT-led consulting firm, EverGlade understands that respectful collaboration and connection can only strength our missions. During Pride Month 2023, EverGlade is proud to continue to forge those connections with our clients and with our communities to make the world a safer and more equal place to live.

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EverGlade is an LGBT-owned enterprise.

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