Experts meet in Spain to address the women’s reproductive health in the 21st century

Instituto Bernabeu Group, with 9 clinics in Spain and Italy, brings together renowned fertility specialists to discuss delayed childbearing and future treatments.

MADRID, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Spain is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of assisted reproduction, with a pioneering law and where the most cutting-edge treatments are developed for those who wish to have a child. Instituto Bernabeu receives thousands of women from more than 137 countries who, after the age of 40, wish to become mothers but are unable to do so. The possibilities offered by flight connections and the treatments personalization, together with the treatment’s competitive cost, are also determining factors for many Americans to choose to travel to Spain to become mothers as a couple, or alone.

Directed by doctors Rafael and Andrea Bernabeu and with a track record of over 35 years and more than 400 articles and research papers published in international scientific journals, the Instituto Bernabeu Group is committed to communication and science. Proof of this is the medical meeting held, which has brought together renowned specialists to discuss the reproductive health of women in our century.

Delayed childbearing and ovarian reserve, oocyte preservation and endometriosis were the highlights of the first block of content at the conference. Genetic analysis and diagnoses and treatments personalization, as well as the most cutting-edge treatments for low ovarian reserve and the application of AI in reproductive medicine, completed the second block of content to the satisfaction of the hundreds of attendees gathered both in the clinic’s auditorium and connected via streaming.

This meeting confirmed that science and medicine are the main support to face infertility. The significant increase in the number of people turning to specialized centers in order to achieve pregnancy, is accompanied by very significant advances in reproductive medicine; it offers cutting-edge solutions and provides answers to problems that could not be solved just a few years ago.

Instituto Bernabeu Group is one of the few clinics totally owned and managed by doctors. Without the interests of multinational groups or investors outside the medical activity, which translates into decisions and scientific progress based exclusively on the health of its patients.

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