LCDA Announces Ozzie Gromada Meza as President and CEO, Embarking on a New Era of Transformation

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA), along with its foundation, Latino Corporate Directors Education Foundation (LCDEF) is excited to announce the appointment of Ozzie Gromada Meza as its new President and CEO, ushering in a new era of transformation and progress for the organization. Mr. Gromada Meza officially assumed his role on October 6, 2023.

With a distinguished career spanning decades in search and corporate governance with a deep commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion, Ozzie continues to bring a wealth of experience and vision to LCDA. He is poised to lead the organization toward unprecedented heights and break barriers that have hindered Latino representation in corporate boardrooms across the nation.

“We are excited about his selection, and under Ozzie’s leadership, LCDA is ready to impact and catalyze change in corporate boardrooms and the C-Suite,” stated Elizabeth Oliver-Farrow, LCDA Board Chair. “LCDA extends heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated Members and Partners for their unwavering support of our vision to diversify corporate boardrooms with Latino representation, fostering innovation and representing the richness of the Latino community in corporate leadership,” she continued.

LCDA, a nonprofit organization founded in 2013, has been at the forefront of advocating for increased Latino representation on corporate boards. Over the years, it has successfully collaborated with various key stakeholders including: Corporate Boards; Search Firms; Private Equity; and Institutional Investors and Pension Funds to promote diversity and inclusivity in corporate leadership.

In his inaugural address, Ozzie emphasized the importance of LCDA’s mission, stating, “Alongside an exceptional Board and dynamic team, I’m honored to lead LCDA as we advance in breaking more barriers than ever before.” Further noting, “LCDA’s work is necessary — the data speaks for itself. According to the 2023 Latino Board Monitor, 60% of Fortune 1000 companies lack Latino representation on their corporate boards. This is an alarming statistic that demands our collective attention and action. LCDA is committed to working tirelessly to change this narrative.”

LCDA’s vision under Ozzie’s leadership includes:

  1. Advocacy: We are committed to providing effective solutions through developing, supporting, and growing the number of qualified Latino leaders. We strive to ensure organizations have access to exceptional Latino talent.
  2. Visibility: LCDA is at the forefront of elevating Latino talent primed for the boardroom. We are committed to transparency in tracking our progress and promoting accountability both within LCDA and with our peers, to create a more equitable boardroom.
  3. Partnership: Our commitment to creating significant impact is unwavering. We know our efforts are multiplied through forging strong collaborations with our partners. Collectively, we can transform the boardroom and accelerate Latino representation at the highest levels of corporate governance.
  4. Solution: LCDA serves as the preeminent association and trusted source for corporations and search firms. By bridging the network gap, influencing the candidate pool, and elevating Latino talent primed for the boardroom, we’re catalyzing a new era of transformation.

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About the Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA): The Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA) brings together accomplished and respected Hispanics/Latinos in corporate leadership and corporate governance committed to paying it forward. Our mission is to develop, support, and increase the number of Hispanics/Latinos on corporate boards. LCDA’s strategy to accelerate Hispanic/Latino placements on corporate boards is focused on three areas: grow demand, grow supply, and raise awareness. LCDA serves as an advocate and resource to corporate boards, search firms, private equity, and institutional investors interested in gaining access to exceptional Hispanic/Latino board talent. Together with our foundation (LCDEF), our program areas also focus on growing the supply of high-caliber boardroom candidates and providing quality corporate governance programming for experienced and aspiring directors.

Monique Navarro, LCDA AVP, Marketing and Communications, (915) 790-7788


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