South Carolina Institutes of Innovation to Visit Morris College; Begin Phase II of HBCU Institutes Rollout

Morris College is One of the Seven State HBCUs to receive $18M Appropriation

SUMTER, S.C., Feb. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Morris College, an accredited, four-year, coeducational, residential, liberal arts and career-focused institution, will host South Carolina Institutes of Innovation and Information (SCIII) on its campus on February 23 to begin the next phase of the SCIII rollout. Morris College was the first institute to embrace the rollout, and last year bestowed the name of Senator Scott on their institute, the John L. Scott, Jr. Institute of Network Information, Technology and Security (NITS). NITS will concentrate on preparing cybersecurity professionals for exciting careers in the field. Morris College is one of the seven HBCUs in South Carolina that is part of South Carolina’s Institutes of Innovation and information (SCIII). The SCIII site visit on Feb. 23 is a precursor to officially establishing NITS on Morris College’s campus.

Through the leadership and vision of State Senator John L. Scott, Jr., the South Carolina General Assembly appropriated $18 million in 2021 towards the development of educational institutes at each of South Carolina’s seven HBCUs. Each institute was established with specific focuses and disciplines united to increase opportunities and exposure for their student bodies on campus and the surrounding community. The seven HBCUs in South Carolina produce more than half of all Black college graduates in this state; at all levels, SCIII will revolutionize the state’s HBCUs by giving them more visibility and establishing relationships with the state’s businesses and industries as they join forces with the Institutes.

Given South Carolina’s rich history when it comes to educating people of color, SCIII provides the perfect conduit for partnerships between SCIII HBCUs and state business and industry, diversifying and improving the state’s workforce. SCIII will bridge relationships and partnerships with businesses and industries as a means of supporting one another in a synergistic manner and helping train students for maximum career readiness. The intention is for Institutes to forge relationships through research, internships, and other opportunities that will produce a better-trained worker with lower costs in terms of job training and onboarding

The site visit this Thursday will take place at Morris College’s Science Building and feature welcoming remarks by Morris College’s president, Dr. Leroy Staggers, followed by SCIII Executive Director Dr. Gwynth Nelson, who will explain the purpose of the visit. Senator John Scott will speak about SCIII, and other Morris College leaders will speak as well. The visit will also include words from cybersecurity students and an overview of cybersecurity innovations by Professor Dr. Orenthio Goodwin.

About Morris College:
Morris College, a historically Black College or University (HBCU), is a premier liberal art and career-focused institution in Sumter, the state of South Carolina and the southern region; that carries out its stated mission as an institution that is totally committed to excellence in all areas of operation and is driven toward continuous improvement.

About SCIII:
South Carolina’s Institutes of Innovation and Information (SCIII) is an initiative and vision inspired by Sen. John L. Scott, Jr., which focuses on revolutionizing and cultivating the state’s seven four-year HBCUs’ overall capabilities and contributions for the citizens and residents of the state. South Carolina has a rich history when it comes to educating people of color, and SCIII provides the perfect conduit for partnerships between SCIII HBCUs and state business and industry, diversifying and improving the state’s workforce.

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