Stork Club leads the reproductive care employer benefits industry with unprecedented 100% cost-at-risk performance guarantees

The company is the first in the reproductive care employer benefits sector to offer performance guarantees with 100% cost at risk, a result of consistently hitting performance targets with its existing customer base since its inception.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Stork Club, in an unprecedented move in the family-building and reproductive health industry, has announced the new industry standard by offering end-to-end reproductive benefits solutions to all new enterprise customers with Performance Guarantees with 100% cost at risk. This game-changing approach underscores Stork Club’s validated outcomes and confidence in its ability to deliver unparalleled member experiences, clinical outcomes, and cost savings. The Performance Guarantees include multi-level commitments, including clinical outcomes for fertility and maternity medical care, member experience and access to high-performance providers, customer implementation success and overall success, as well as employer cost savings, and ROI.

With the healthcare industry evolving towards more accountable and results-driven models, Stork Club is at the forefront of this transformation, offering a solution that not only supports employers in managing healthcare costs but also ensures high-quality care outcomes for employees. This initiative represents a significant shift from traditional fee-for-service models, moving towards a value-based approach that prioritizes the effectiveness and impact of care.

“Reproductive care is not just a fancy perk; it’s a vital service that must drive real, tangible outcomes. At Stork Club, we’ve consistently delivered such outcomes to every customer we serve,” said Jeni Mayorskaya, Founder and CEO of Stork Club. “Today, we’re taking a significant next step by offering 100% accountability to our large enterprise customers, ensuring we enter these new relations as true business partners. Guarantees with 100% cost at risk, based on performance, not only align incentives between vendors and buyers but also ensure that only effective solutions are deployed. We’re excited to scale the validated success we’ve achieved with our existing customers as dedicated business partners committed to driving value and positive outcomes.”

Stork Club’s rollout of 100% cost-at-risk performance guarantees represents a continued commitment to its strategy of de-risking employer costs in the reproductive care vertical. This initiative is part of a series of pioneering steps by Stork Club, the first in the sector to transition from traditional per-employee-per-month (PEPM) fees to capped case rates while eliminating any implementation fees for their clients. This strategic evolution demonstrates Stork Club’s leadership in providing financial predictability and reducing the financial burden on employers. Its consistent track record of delivering substantial ROI through fertility and maternity solutions has solidified client trust, evidenced by a 100% customer retention rate since the company’s inception. 

The 100% cost-at-risk model is designed to be cost-neutral for employers, with the potential for significant upside. It aligns with the broader industry trend towards outcomes-based contracts and represents a commitment to transparency, accountability, and shared risk. As part of its launch, Stork Club will work closely with employer partners to tailor these performance guarantees to their specific needs, ensuring that the metrics for success are clear, achievable, and directly tied to the health outcomes of their employees.

This announcement signifies a landmark achievement for Stork Club, establishing a new industry standard and showcasing the validated outcomes and confidence to deliver as Stork Club expands its partnerships with large enterprises.

For more information about Stork Club and its 100% cost-at-risk performance guarantees, please visit Stork Club’s website.

About Stork Club

Stork Club is an enterprise end-to-end reproductive care benefits solution built for employers to help them win, retain, and engage top, diverse talent while making their people healthier and significantly reducing overall reproductive care costs. Stork Club offers a flexible suite of programs to support every person at all stages of their reproductive journey, including fertility care (eg, IVF, egg freezing, natural conception); support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, as well as with inclusive reproductive midlife care like menopause, men’s health optimization, and adult gender-affirming care.

Stork Club has received recognition as an EHIR Academy alumni and has been recognized in the CB Insight Digital Health annual report as one of the 150 most promising digital health companies that are transforming healthcare worldwide. Headquartered in San Francisco, Stork Club has raised $32.7M from investors, including General Catalyst, Bowery Capital, and Slow Ventures.

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