The Helper Bees and NourishedRx have delivered more than 30,000 meals to older adults who want to age in place

As country’s population ages, meal delivery services will be a key component to help seniors live healthier, independent lives

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Helper Bees, America’s leading aging-in-place platform, and NourishedRx, a digital health and nutrition company, are announcing that they’ve delivered more than 30,000 food orders to older adults across the country. NourishedRx serves as one of the top food as health providers within The Helper Bees provider network, which in total represents 20,000+ vetted companies. As the country’s population continues to age, and with more than 80 million people expected to be age 65+ by 2040, the two companies partner to ensure that older adults can access groceries and meals personalized to their health needs and delivered to their doors so they can comfortably age in place.

“Access to healthy food is one of the most important drivers of whether people can continue to age independently,” said Lauren Driscoll, CEO of NourishedRx. “With integration of The Helper Bees and NourishedRx platforms, we’re able to deliver thousands of personalized meals and grocery orders to older adults, even more efficiently and at greater scale than before. The process is convenient for the older adults and caregivers we serve and has streamlined operations for both companies. We’re grateful for our partnership with The Helper Bees and look forward to our continued work together to nourish our aging population.”

Founded in 2015, The Helper Bees enables older adults to remain in their homes and live independently for as long as possible. Its technology platform, called homeAlign, is utilized by payers, Fortune 500 organizations and health-focused businesses to power credentialing, fulfillment, and reimbursements for a variety of in-home services. Companies like NourishedRx can also access The Helper Bees nationwide network of 20,000+ service providers who address the social determinants of health by providing personalized, non-medical services that simplify and improve the aging journey for caregivers and the older adults they care for. The homeAlign platform and its newly available API allows end users to access to the following types of services:

  • Home healthcare
  • Meal and food delivery services
  • Transportation
  • Pest control
  • Home safety/modifications
  • Technology assistance
  • Virtual products

“The U.S. population is older than it’s ever been. As people age, it’s critical to bring services into the home that help people to maintain a high quality of life,” said Andy Friedell, COO of The Helper Bees. “Food is a vital component of independence at home. We love partnering with NourishedRx because they understand the importance of culturally relevant meal and grocery delivery for older adults, while also embracing technology. They’ve been the first partner to use our new API and have seen increased referrals and more streamlined operations as a result.”

Since 2019, NourishedRx has partnered with healthcare organizations to nourish their most vulnerable members, build healthy relationships, and support health equity. Through partners like The Helper Bees, NourishedRx delivers highly personalized, culturally relevant meals and groceries to members, along with wrap-around whole health support and nutrition education. Through its solution, NourishedRx is able to drive better health outcomes and lower overall costs at scale.

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About The Helper Bees
The Helper Bees is America’s leading aging in-place platform, enabling older adults to remain in their homes and live independently. Through our technology, we make it easy for insurers to close the care gap and empower older adults to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Whether it’s meal delivery, lawn care, or transportation, our all-in-one provider network is rigorously vetted and already integrated into most Long-term Care and Medicare Advantage insurance plans. We’ve helped millions of Americans retain their independence by facilitating non-medical in-home care, while solving for the administrative burdens of credentialing, fulfilling and reimbursements for insurers — all while reducing costs. Founded in 2015, The Helper Bees is proudly revolutionizing aging in-place. Let us help you:

About NourishedRx
NourishedRx is on a mission to eradicate poor diet and nutrition insecurity as top drivers of death, disease and disparities. Founded in 2019, NourishedRx is a digital health and nutrition company that helps people live healthier lives and supports health equity. Leveraging the healing and connective power of food, NourishedRx partners with healthcare organizations to nourish their most vulnerable members, build healthy relationships, and support health equity. Visit

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