Rotterdam event forms new hydrogen partnerships

Rotterdam event forms new hydrogen partnerships

Fifteen thousand policymakers and CEOs from all over the world are coming to Rotterdam for three days this week for the World Hydrogen 2024 Summit & Exhibition. It will be the largest hydrogen event in the world.

The World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam shows global developments in the field of hydrogen. This year, the largest event in the field of hydrogen will attract 15,000 participants from forty countries. Five hundred companies show innovations and developments. Attention is also paid to developments in Africa. The event in Rotterdam offers a unique platform to strengthen collaborations and share knowledge.

Import and export of hydrogen

Hydrogen will play a major role in the energy system of the future. Hydrogen is indispensable, especially for making industry and heavy transport more sustainable. Cooperation with other countries is essential in the further development of hydrogen applications. This includes, among other things, stimulating supply and demand, the construction of infrastructure and knowledge exchange. Switching to sustainable energy is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions and that reduction is necessary in the global fight against climate change.


The Netherlands has an important role in this regard. It is the first country in Northwestern Europe to have its infrastructure ready for large-scale imports of hydrogen. The Dutch ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Delfzijl play an important role in the import and export of hydrogen. For further development, the Netherlands is committed to collaboration with a broad group of countries to facilitate contacts between companies, governments and knowledge institutions. By 2050, the Netherlands wants to use only sustainable energy sources, and hydrogen is seen as an indispendable link to achieve this goal.

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