Schoof government sworn in

Schoof government sworn in

This morning, the Schoof government was sworn in at Huis ten Bosch Palace. The new government is a coalition of the Freedom Party (PVV), the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), New Social Contract (NSC) and the Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB), and consists of 16 ministers and 13 state secretaries.

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The ministers of the new cabinet on the steps of Huis ten Bosch Palace after they were sworn in in the presence of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander.

The swearing-in ceremony in the presence of the King marks the official entry into office of the Schoof government.

PVV will provide 5 ministers and 4 state secretaries. VVD will provide 4 ministers and 3 state secretaries. NSC will provide 4 ministers and 3 state secretaries. BBB will provide 2 ministers and 3 state secretaries.

Teun Struycken will be a state secretary for NSC but is not a member of the party. Prime Minister Dick Schoof also has no party affiliation.

Ministries and ministerial positions

Three new ministries will be created:

  • Ministry of Asylum and Migration
  • Ministry of Climate Policy and Green Growth
  • Ministry of Housing and Spatial Planning

Two existing ministries will undergo a name change:

  • the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality will become the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security and Nature.
  • the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy will become the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The new government will have one minister without portfolio, meaning that the minister in question will not have political leadership of a ministry.

  • This will be the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development.

First cabinet meeting

The new government will hold its first cabinet meeting later today.

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