and Merck Announce Historic Partnership

CHICAGO, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — (BDO) and Merck, known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, are working together to improve Black American participation in clinical trials. Increasing involvement in clinical trials by Black Americans is paramount to improving the quality of healthcare now and for future generations. Merck was the first to sign on to list its trials on BDO’s Clinical Trials Resource Center (CTRC).

The CTRC is an online repository of information regarding clinical trials specifically targeting Black consumers. The historic partnership with BDO is designed to increase awareness, educate and help more Blacks get enrolled in clinical trials. BDO CEO, Reggie Ware stated, “Merck is a visionary organization and has shown great leadership in the industry by moving first on this opportunity to make more of their Clinical Trials available to Black patients.”

“What we are doing has never been done before. There is now a comfortable, trusting place for Black people to get the important timely information they need to make informed decisions about Clinical Trials. Our goal is to normalize clinical trials,” Ware added.

Jade Curtis, BDO Executive Editor said, “Companies like Merck allow BDO to fulfill our promise and mission. This mission requires strategic partners who are visionary, truly committed to health equity and ready to ensure that everyone who needs their medicines can have access to them regardless of race, creed or color.

Merck is committed to enrolling a diverse body of participants in their clinical trials. “We’re focused on how we can inform and encourage underrepresented communities to participate in clinical trials,” said Adrelia Allen, Executive Director, Clinical Trial Patient Diversity. 

Merck’s commitment to increasing diversity in clinical trials is evident by this partnership with BDO. The expectation is this will quickly show greater diversity in the trial population. In the first month of the CTRC being launched on the BDO website, it had 77,000 people visiting that portion of the website. Now when they visit the site, they will see a trusted partner, Merck. Merck is helping to move the needle on diversity in clinical trial enrollment while helping to build a brighter future for Black patients.


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