Celebrating Senior Success Stories with Assisted Living Locators

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As we step into the New Year, Assisted Living Locators, a nationwide leader in senior placement and care solutions, is sharing inspiring stories of seniors who have found new beginnings and joy in their assisted living journeys. These stories, aided by the compassionate and expert guidance of local advisors, Peter Wilhelm of Southwest Portland, Mary Zabian of Metro West Massachusetts, and John Weber of Wichita, reflect the heart of what makes assisted living a transformative experience for many seniors and their families.

Peter Wilhelm, owner and senior living advisor at Assisted Living Locators Southwest Portland, shared, the story of an 82-year-old veteran. “My client found a new sense of community with fellow veterans and rekindled his love for woodworking after joining us,” Wilhelm said. “It’s rewarding to see him thrive in an environment that respects his interests and history, making him feel valued and happy.”

In Metro West Massachusetts, Mary Zabian recounted a remarkable turnaround: “A client, initially moving into a community on hospice, not only thrived but also resumed teaching dance classes to other residents. It’s about more than finding a place to live; it’s giving them a place to reignite passions and belong, each senior with their unique and inspiring story.”

John Weber, from Assisted Living Locators Wichita, echoes this sentiment. “Helping one of my client’s transition from apprehension to finding joy in painting and gardening in her new assisted living home was incredibly fulfilling. It shows the life-changing impact of tailored senior care.”

Angela Olea, RN, Founder and Brand President of Assisted Living Locators, adds, “Our advisors across the country, like Peter, Mary, and John, are dedicated to understanding the journeys of our seniors. They are not just finding a living space; they are crafting personalized experiences that fit the emotional and physical well-being of each senior.”

Olea continued, “Assisted Living Locators remains committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care, ensuring that every senior’s story is heard and honored. The New Year brings new opportunities, and we are excited to be a part of these life-changing moments.”

Assisted Living Locators, part of the Evive Brands family, offers a no-cost service for seniors and their families, providing expert advice on top-rated in-home care, independent retirement options, assisted living, and memory care. For more information, visit www.assistedlivinglocators.com.

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