UserWay Launches Beta Version of the Free Generative AI Product

The digital accessibility technology provider lowers the barrier to accessible coding practices, facilitating the development of accessible, usable, and compliant experiences for all users

WILMINGTON, Del., June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — UserWay (TASE:UWAY), the market leader in digital accessibility, announced the beta launch of, the first coding assistant trained in digital accessibility and ADA compliance. The product was featured as #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on the day it went live, June 18th, 2023.

Developers can use the free tool to produce more inclusive and usable end-user experiences, faster. FixMyCode generates accessible code by understanding conversational inputs, like, “Produce an accessible form for a website,” or by remediating code that may be fully or partially inaccessible. The assistant produces explanations of the code changes it made, serving as an educational tool for developers, as well.

Today’s digital divide causes harm to people with disabilities, who encounter daily obstacles when using websites, apps, and digital documents. Today, approximately 97% of websites are inaccessible, but 200,000 new ones are published every day. Without an increase in awareness around digital accessibility, the digital divide will continue to grow. Automation and AI could be the catalyst for scalable change, and UserWay is doubling down on its use of AI to help eliminate this gap.

UserWay’s development team is using an innovative generative AI model trained on WCAG, the global digital accessibility standards, along with the company’s own expertise in accessible coding practices. Since 2016, the company has been committed to unlocking online experiences for over 1 billion people, globally, living with disabilities. With its suite of AI-powered products and services across the entire development lifecycle, UserWay has helped over 1 million websites worldwide improve accessibility, usability, and compliance with legal regulations. The company’s solutions are used by developers, designers, and organizations of all sizes, including Coca-Cola, Nespresso, Disney, the UN, and governments and organizations from every sector of the global economy.

UserWay CEO, Allon Mason, said, “We built FixMyCode for our own accessibility developers and QA team. Now, we are sharing the beta version of the tool with the world, free of charge, so everyone can author WCAG-conformant code that’s accessible and compliant with the strict ADA requirements for digital accessibility. Front end developers who haven’t undergone years of WCAG training can now get up to speed, rapidly, with authoring code that will eventually have the potential to work for users of all abilities. Together, we’re harnessing generative AI technologies for a more inclusive digital world.”

To promote FixMyCode, accessible coding practices, and help educate developers, UserWay launched the “AI for Accessibility” Discord community. This community is dedicated to increasing developer awareness of the importance of accessibility, inclusivity, and usability online. Join the conversation on Discord and follow the company on Twitter for product updates.

About UserWay

UserWay is a global digital accessibility leader committed to enabling the fundamental human right of digital inclusion. UserWay solutions are trusted by over one million websites globally. Al-powered technologies, combined with human-in-the-loop processes, help websites more readily achieve compliance with accessibility regulations, such as ADA, Section 508, AODA and EAA, and internationally recognized standards such as WCAG 2.1 AA and EN 301-549.

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