Annual reception for the diplomatic corps

On January 7th 2020, the Danish Parliament held its annual reception for the diplomatic corps.

This reception has become a tradition and it is held every year at the beginning of January to celebrate the New Year in a festive manner.

Henrik Dam Kristensen (Social Democratic Party), Speaker of Parliament, made a speech in which he wished all the guests a Happy New Year and underlined the importance of good, international cooperation. He said, among other things, »Since I took over the role as Speaker of Parliament, I have had the privilege of meeting many of the Ambassadors posted to Denmark. I greatly appreciate our cooperation and fruitful discussions and I am looking forward to continuing our cooperation in the New Year. Democracy does not only take place in Parliament, but Parliament has a special responsibility to ensure that everyone can express his or her opinion. My two key priorities are to ensure quality legislation and the ability of Parliament to monitor the Government«.

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