Central government financing requirement for 2023 and 2024

Central government financing requirement for 2023 and 2024


The Economic Survey, December 2023, will be published on December 12. Individual key figures containing market-sensitive information are published prior to the overall publication of the Economic Survey.

The estimates of the central government net financing and financing requirement for 2023 and 2024 can be found in table 1 below. The financing requirement has been revised to DKK 89.3 bn. in 2023 and DKK 76.9 bn. in 2024.

The financing requirement is met by debt issuance or by drawing on the central governments account at Danmarks Nationalbank.

The financing strategy is published by Danmarks Nationalbank on the website of the government debt management office 

Table 1. Central government financing requirement and financing requirement
  Economic Survey august 2023 Economic Survey december 2023
DKK bn. 1) 2023 2024 2023 2024
Net financing requirement -14.3  -31.7  -34.9  -45.3 
Repayment of long term debt 2) 86.9  81.6  101.4  81.7 
Repayment of short term debt 3) 16.3  35.0  16.3  35.0 
Net purchase of state owned funds -0.3  -0.2  -0.3  -0.2 
Net purchase of social mortgage bonds 18.4  10.0  6.9  5.9 
Financing requirement 107.1  94.8  89.3  76.9 

Note: The estimates for financing requirements in Economic Survey August 2023 differ from those printed in the publication Economic Survey, August 2023. This is due to a correction made after printing.

1) Rounding may cause component sums to deviate from totals.

2) Incl. payments from the central government in cross-currency swaps and buybacks of long term debt with maturity date beyond 2023.

3) Repayment of short-term debt corresponds to the outstanding amount of Treasury bills and commercial paper in the beginning of the year.

Source: The Economic Survey, August 2023 and The Economic Survey, December 2023.



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