Culture Night: Get an impression of the everyday work at Borgen

On Friday 13 October 2023, you can experience the Danish Parliament from the inside. The political parties and employees in Parliament look forward to welcoming you and showing you the centre of power.

From 6.00pm to midnight, you can take a walk along the hallways and corridors and experience, among other things, the Parliament Chamber, the lobby (Vandrehallen), the Landsting Chamber and the Common Hall (Fællessalen) on your own. 

Most committee rooms and group rooms will also be open. All the rooms are unique and impressive when it comes to both art and architectural detail, so please take your time to explore the surroundings.

Usually, several thousand guests visit Parliament between 6.00pm and midnight. You should therefore expect queues by the entrances and in Rigsdagsgården, where all visitors must submit to a security check.

Remember to buy a culture pass

Everybody is welcome to visit Parliament on the Culture Night, but a culture pass is required to enter. The culture pass can be purchased for DKK 110. Access for children under 12 years is free of charge. You can buy your culture pass online for your smartphone on the Culture Night’s web shop. Alternatively, you can buy the culture pass as a pin in all 7-Eleven shops in the Copenhagen area.

Get an impression of the everyday work at Borgen

Meet the political parties

A special programme with the parties’ Night of Culture activities will be issued on the night.

Experience the Parliament Chamber

The Parliament Chamber sprawls across three storeys. Experience the Parliament Chamber up close and meet the employees who work in the Chamber every day. Remember to look up and look at the impressive ceiling that is rarely visible on TV.

Hear about how the Members of Parliament work in the committees (Danish)

In the European Affairs Committee room and the Finance Committee room you can listen to  Members of Parliament talking about their work in the Parliament committees. Learn more about which subjects are important in the subject committees and get an impression of how the committee work happens in practice. You can also challenge your friends in a game of political knowledge or speak to the Parliament employees about the work at Christiansborg. 

Visit the reading room in the Parliament Library

Experience the special atmosphere in the Parliament Library, which was established in 1848, and the Reading Room, which was opened in 1919. Feel the presence of history by the large hand drawn map of Denmark with the country’s railroad network as it was in 1919. Or see the copy of the Danish Constitution Act that astronaut Andreas Mogensen brought with him on his first journey into space in 2015.

The Parliament porters share their knowledge

The Parliament porters have detailed knowledge of the entire building. Every day, they receive guests from around Denmark and from abroad, they help facilitate meetings in the big chambers and the committee rooms, and they impart the building’s history to school groups and tour groups. Meet them on the Culture Night where they will share their unique knowledge – and maybe even a few funny anecdotes – in different places around the Parliament.

See the new art piece

This year, the Danish Parliament has commemorated the 50-year anniversary for Denmark’s membership of the EU. As part of the commemoration, Parliament asked the artist Kasper Bonnén to create an art piece that will hang on the wall in Christiansborg. It can be seen on the 2nd floor by the entrance to the Parliament Chamber’s lounges. The art piece was created in a collaboration between Kaspar Bonnén and Asbjørn Skou, Tanja Nis Hansen, Ismar Čirkinagić, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Ahmas Siyar Qasimi, and Anna Rettl.


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