Turkey – Q&A from the press briefing (29 September 2023)

Q : Does France have any comment on Pinar Selek’s new trial in Turkey?

A : France is very closely following the legal proceedings against French-Turkish sociologist Pinar Selek. The Consulate General in Istanbul will have a representative at the trial, as it did last time.

France is committed to research freedom and stresses that Turkish courts have on several occasions already found Pinar Selek to be innocent of the things she is accused of today.

Ms. Selek enjoys the academic protection of Côte d’Azur University and the protection of the French State on our national territory. In our country she has found a space where she can express herself, teach sociology and political science, and continue her research freely and safely.

Originally published at https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/country-files/turkey/news/article/turkey-q-a-from-the-press-briefing-29-sept-2023

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