Help portal for displaced persons from Ukraine Help portal for displaced persons from Ukraine

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18 March 2022

Federal Government offers trustworthy and secure online information sourceТут ви знайдете прес-реліз українською мовою
Здесь вы найдете пресс-релиз на русском языке

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Тут ви знайдете прес-реліз українською мовою

Здесь вы найдете пресс-релиз на русском языке

The Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community today launched the website

This online portal is a trustworthy and secure source of information to help people forced to flee from Ukraine find what they need to know immediately after arriving in Germany. The website is available in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German.

Speaking about the new website, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser said: “We want to offer war refugees from Ukraine a central, secure online resource. Reliable, understandable information accessible from a smartphone – in Ukrainian, Russian, German and English – is extremely important for them to be able to deal with this emergency situation. Working with many different government agencies, civil-society organisations and businesses, we were quickly able to put together this package of information from the Federal Government. Above all, we offer information on where to stay and how to get medical assistance, along with answers to many of their frequently asked questions. The website also includes warnings from the police specifically for the safety of women and children. We will continually add to and update this portal.”

At, displaced persons from Ukraine can explore options for accommodation, including the Federal Interior Ministry’s cooperation with AirBnB and the volunteer housing initiative #Unterkunft-Ukraine. The website also offers information on work permits, residence law, schooling and higher education as well as health care.

And users will find relevant warnings from the law enforcement authorities which are focused on ensuring the safety of women and children, who make up the largest share of people fleeing Ukraine. In this way, the portal addresses those issues which refugees have described as the most urgent. was designed for use on mobile devices and developed to meet users’ needs. It complies with the highest technical standards for IT security. 

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