Michigan’s The Dynami Foundation Presents 0,000 Grant for Lobular Breast Cancer Research

Founder and 12-Year Survivor, Flora Migyanka, Announces Significant Funding to Propel Research and Collaboration with University of Michigan, UPMC, and Leading Researchers.

PLYMOUTH, Mich., June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Dynami Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing research and treatment for lobular breast cancer, is proud to announce the presentation of a $300,000 grant to support ongoing research and prevention efforts. This grant will fund critical studies and foster collaboration among top researchers at the University of Michigan, UPMC, and other leading institutions.

Founded by Flora Migyanka, a 12-year survivor of lobular breast cancer, The Dynami Foundation is committed to changing the landscape of breast cancer research. Despite being a common subtype of hormone-positive breast cancer, lobular breast cancer receives less than 1% of the total research funding. This substantial grant aims to address this disparity and drive forward the understanding and treatment of this disease.

“I founded The Dynami Foundation with a mission to improve the statistics and outcomes for lobular breast cancer patients,” said Flora Migyanka, Founder and President of The Dynami Foundation. “As a survivor, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges and gaps in research that patients face. This grant is a significant step toward moving the research needle and ensuring that lobular breast cancer receives the attention it deserves.”

The $300,000 grant will be utilized to support a range of initiatives, including:

  • Innovative Research Projects: Funding groundbreaking studies that explore the unique characteristics and treatment responses of lobular breast cancer.

  • Collaborative Efforts: Fostering partnerships between leading researchers at the University of Michigan, UPMC, and other top institutions to share knowledge and accelerate discoveries.

  • Clinical Trials: Supporting the development and implementation of clinical trials that test new therapies and treatment protocols tailored specifically for lobular breast cancer.

Dr. Jacqueline Jeruss, Associate Vice President for Research – Integrity and Compliance at the University of Michigan, Associate Dean for Regulatory Affairs and Professor of Surgery, Pathology, and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan Medical School expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “This grant from The Dynami Foundation provides a critical opportunity to deepen our understanding of lobular breast cancer and develop more effective treatments. We are incredibly grateful for the support and look forward to making significant strides in our research.”

UPMC’s Dr Steffi Oesterreich, Professor at University Pittsburgh, Co-Leader of Cancer Biology Program at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, and Co-Director of the Women’s Cancer Research Center a collaboration between UPMC, HCC, and Magee Womens Research Institute echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of dedicated funding for this under-researched subtype of breast cancer. “Lobular breast cancer has unique challenges that require targeted research efforts. The Dynami Foundation’s commitment is crucial for advancing our knowledge and improving patient outcomes.”

The Dynami Foundation’s dedication to changing the statistics for lobular breast cancer is unwavering. This grant represents a major investment in the future of breast cancer research, offering hope and progress for the thousands of patients affected by this disease.

For more information about The Dynami Foundation and its mission, please visit www.dynamifoundation.org or contact [email protected].

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Flora Migyanka
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