This democracy can defend itself

This democracy can defend itself


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18 January 2024

In a Bundestag debate, Interior Minister Faeser spoke on “Resilient democracy – tackling democracy’s enemies and their expulsion plans”.

In a debate on matters of topical interest, the Bundestag addressed “Resilient democracy – tackling democracy’s enemies and their expulsion plans”. This debate was put on the Bundestag’s agenda because of media reports about a meeting of right-wing networks where participants discussed the forced expulsion of people based on their ethnicity, appearance, origin or attitude.


Bundesinnenministerin Faeser

“Please be assured that we are using all tools available to our resilient democracy: that includes the means offered by criminal law, and it includes association bans.”

Nancy Faeser, Federal Minister of the Interior and Community, addressing the Bundestag

In her speech to the Bundestag, Interior Minister Faeser spoke pointedly, also invoking our historic responsibility and the 75th anniversary of Germany’s democracy and liberal constitution. Minister Faeser said: “Right-wing extremism is the greatest threat to our democracy“. She said it was deeply disconcerting to think that MPs in Germany were acting as the parliamentary arm of right-wing extremism. She went on to state that “those who fantasise about “reconquista” and “remigration” are drawing on the ideas that paved the way to the inhuman National Socialist race laws, the Wannsee Conference and the Shoah. No one who attends such a meeting can feign ignorance. Their stated role models are those who paved the way for Nazi ideology.”
Minister Faeser pledged that “the full power of our security authorities” would be brought to bear to protect people who are affected by this right-wing ideology.

  • We will disrupt right-wing extremist networks.
  • We will disarm the right-wing extremist scene.
  • We will remove enemies of the constitution from the public service.
  • We will crack down on their propaganda online and take preventive action against the spread of conspiracy myths of all kinds.
  • We will educate and inform the public in order to strengthen our democracy.
  • We will protect those who serve our community as holders of public offices and mandates.

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