TxBitCoin Is Set to Become The Ultimate Marketing Tool For Advertising Services

New Token TxBitcoin is an effective marketing tool for advertising several services like listing guides, token projects, crypto exchanges, etc.

The token TXB will also have a listing on Tokpie soon. It will benefit the token holders more”

— Spokesperson, TxBitCoin

GERMANY, March 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The TxBitCoin token was created to be used in decentralized marketing and advertising. It acts as a link between clients and the services provided by agencies or website operators. As a result, a successful marketing strategy can be developed.

Advertising projects or advertisements can be purchased directly from the supported exchange via TXB to use the provider’s marketing services.

The demand for TXB will rise in tandem with the growth of the TxBitCoin token’s customer base. As a result, the token’s value will rise.

As a thank you from the company, token holders will receive a HelpKidz Coin in their wallets. This applies to those who have at least 500 TXB initially, 1,500 TXB later, in their account with a certain retention period of 1 month. After a certain number of transactions have been made, these will be paid to the wallet at regular intervals. The WIN-WIN feature benefits the token holder. However, activation will only take place in the BETA version.

After the targeted and previously communicated purchase of the token, one can advertise or place advertising banners on the TxBitcoin.me website for various services such as the listing guide, the token/coin project, the crypto exchange or the data tracker. The service provider CoinBuzzer.me exclusively uses its advertising circuit through TxBitcoin.me. Talking about this, a spokesperson from TxBitcoin was quoted as saying “We are very proud of this first milestone.”

This token is published as per the basis of the Binance Smart Chain platform and is entirely compliant with the BEP20 standard. It means that the token is compatible with third-party services and gives easy integration.

On the basic portal, various free services such as crypto rates are displayed in real-time, you can buy, sell or even exchange coins, but even have your coin projects presented to other visitors. Current crypto news are gathered from many media such as Youtube, Twitter and feeds on the platform TxBitcoin.me.

To add to the excitement, TxBitCoin provides an AirDrop of over $1,000 in giveaways, which is 10% of the total token inventory.

To participate in the giveaway:

1. Start by joining the TxBitCoin Telegram group and channel to get 20 coins: https://t.me/txbitcoin_pro

2. Next, Follow their Twitter account and retweet the airdrop tweet to get another 20 coins: https://twitter.com/mytxbitcoin

3. Following their Instagram account and liking the latest post will provide an additional 20 coins: https://www.instagram.com/txbitcoin_market

4. 20 coins more could be earned by following their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDBuz1Di5u_A4rTx9UEQftA

Listings are currently available at Pancakeswap.

For more details, visit: www.txbitcoin.me/txbitcoin-token

About TxBitCoin

TxBitCoin token was developed with the idea of using it in the field of decentralized marketing and advertising services. It serves as a bridge between services provided by agencies or website operators and clients. As a result of this, an effective marketing strategy is developed.

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Introducing TxBitcoin Token

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