3WM, the eco-responsible Blockchain ecosystem that rewards you for your ecological actions.






3WM, the eco-responsible Blockchain ecosystem that rewards you for your ecological actions.

Blockchain technology could fundamentally change the way natural resources and waste are valued.”

— Nabil EL Aichaoui- COO

PULVERSHEIM, ALSACE, FRANCE, November 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — While humans consume massively well beyond their needs, our planet is trying to survive. Extreme temperatures, melting ice, rising sea levels, disappearance of species, pandemics, so many phenomena that make it impossible to deny climate change and the need to radically and massively change our way of thinking about ecology.

3WM, patents and solutions transforming waste as a bulwark against pollution:

3WM’s mission is to dramatically increase waste recycling by allowing this waste of yesterday to meet our needs for tomorrow. Using various patented technologies and automated factories, 100% of waste, whether plastic, food or medical, can become a form of energy (electric, gas, gasoline, etc).

The creation of bioenergy, in addition to having, unlike fossil fuels, a positive environmental impact and also creating jobs.

To be able to transform waste into energy, treat and purify water, 3WM aims to create a global network of 60 Waste-to-Bioenergy centers concentrating its technologies. The mission being large, 3WM has already surrounded itself with many partners and founded several branches:

• 3WM Eco Digester, a company in France for the treatment and transformation of food waste into raw material for the production of biogas

• 3WM MOROCCO, a company in Morocco, dedicated to projects in the North African market

• Logmed Group, a Swiss company specializing in the treatment of medical waste

• Echo Tech Center, a technological Research & Development center established in Alsace at Pulversheim in France.

Although these infrastructures already make it possible to transform nearly 20,000 tonnes of plastic waste into bioenergy each year, 3WM does not intend to stop there and wishes to have an impact on a larger scale.

3WM, more than a platform and a token, an ecosystem to recycle them all:

3WM wishes to be able to monetize the actions carried out in favor of the environment such as the collection of plastic that will be transformed into energy, organic waste to produce biogas, the use of carbon-free means of transport or means of electricity production. solar (Ecosun innovation prize 2016). 3WM wishes to give a positive economic value to our waste and actions through its inclusive ecosystem, its infrastructures and the 3WM token.

Thanks to its platform, 3WM is building a real ecosystem of certified products and services (e.g. water truck and ecosun solar system) which will be accessible to all and can be purchased with 3WM tokens to benefit from preferential rates.

In addition, thanks to the Proof of EcoAction (PoEA) protocol, each exchange of 3WM Token will be deducted from 1% of the transaction costs intended to finance various Eco Innovation programs intended to support R&D but also to launch action programs. ecological:

• Non-recycled waste;

• Water treatment in disaster areas;

• The carbon impact due to the transport sector or industrial activities

An EcoAction campaign that can be launched by members of the 3WM community over a limited period for example in Asia, each individual bringing plastic / organic waste to specific locations will be rewarded with a 3WM Token. These tokens can then be resold or used on the marketplace to obtain carbon-free services or products offered by companies using the 3WM ecosystem.

Beyond this incentive and inclusive aspect, the 3WM token and the transparency offered by the Blockchain will facilitate the monitoring of Eco-responsible expenses and activities, while making the traceability of funded actions easier to carry out.

3WM continues its long mission of building a better, greener and less carbon-intensive world.

If you are visiting Malta at the AIBC Summit from November 15 to 19, 2021. Do not hesitate to ask them your questions and submit your ecological actions: https://3wm.io/

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