Jonathan Rea, Will Smith, Cache Bunny and More Creators Join Team Insta360

LOS ANGELES , May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Legendary artists and athletes such as Jonathan Rea, Will Smith, Cache Bunny, Fabio Wibmer, Shupeng Zhang and Brad Simms have joined Team Insta360, a diverse group of creators pushing the limits in their respective fields. Team Insta360 ambassadors use Insta360 cameras to document and share their experiences with the world. With this program, camera brand Insta360 aims to empower creators to produce creative content, raise awareness for their respective passions and help them achieve their dreams.

Thanks to the unique design of Insta360 cameras, creators can film their passions in more creative ways than before. By filming in 360 degrees, there’s no need to adjust the camera angle during the action. After filming, creators can choose from multiple angles to share—whether that’s a first-person POV, a selfie, or a dynamic combination—from a single 360 clip using the Insta360 app. The Invisible Selfie Stick is another eye-catching effect for the creator’s toolbox, whereby the camera automatically stitches out the stick to create impressive third-person views that look like they were filmed with a drone.

“Creators have always been at the heart of our brand at Insta360. By working closely with Team Insta360 creators and listening to their feedback, we hope to empower creators to think bolder and create content that inspires people around the world to pursue their own interests and passions,” said Max Richter, Vice President of Marketing at Insta360.

Who is Team Insta360?

Team Insta360 brings together a diverse group of athletes, adventurers and creatives who continuously push the limits everyday. They are always moving forward and always thinking bold. Here are the current members of Team Insta360!

  • Jonathan Rea, Superbike champion: 6-time World Superbike Champion, OBE recipient, and always hungry for more, Jonathan Rea has set his sights on capturing a seventh world title.
  • Will Smith, actor, musician, producer: In his decades-long career, actor, producer and musician Will Smith has maintained a belief in working hard and fearlessly following your dreams.
  • Cache Bunny, Adweek Top 100 Creatives: Cache Bunny is an acclaimed video director and VFX artist with experience working with celebs, Fortune 500 companies, MTV and more.
  • Fabio Wibmer, mountain biking legend: One of the world’s most creative trial bikers and YouTube creators, Fabio Wibmer is renowned for his remarkable skills and stunts.
  • Zhang Shupeng, former World Paragliding Champion & wingsuit flyer: As the first person in Asia to take up wingsuit flying, Zhang Shupeng soars through the sky aiming for higher heights.
  • Brad Simms, 2020 Nora Cup & Vital BMX Rider Of The Year: Embracing the freedom of expression that comes from a career in biking, Brad Simms has dedicated his life to the sport he loves.
  • Robbie Maddison, freestyle motocross legend: Award-winning dream chaser, fiercely determined world record breaker, and devoted father, Robbie Maddison is an exceptionally accomplished freestyle motocross rider.
  • Anne Gumiran, AIDA certified freediver: Hailing from the Philippines, Anne Gumiran is a certified freediver, adventurer, digital content creator, and women’s advocate who faces her fears with excitement.
  • Okamoto Keiji, paralympic snowboarder: After a snowboarding accident left him paralyzed, Okamoto Keiji persevered through rigorous rehabilitation and continues to give back to the community he loves.
  • Qi Guangpu, Olympic Men’s Aerials champion: Double Men’s Aerials world champion and the reigning Olympic Men’s Aerials champion, Guangpu aims to keep his title in the Milan Winter Olympics 2026.
  • Walker “Shredz” Woodring, 12-year-old prodigy snowboarder: Face of the next generation, Walker is known as a relentless ball of energy with a hidden arsenal of tricks, earning him the epic nickname “Shredz”.
  • Zhang Jiahao, professional snowboarder: The “Mad Snowboarder” Zhang Jiahao is a professional Chinese snowboarder who dreams of conquering the Himalayas.

Follow Team Insta360

Insta360 will continue to support new ambassadors throughout the year. Content will be shared on Insta360’s social channels, as well as the individual members’ accounts. Check out Insta360’s official website to discover each member’s in-depth story and newest adventures.

About Insta360

Insta360 creates boldly innovative products that help people capture and share their lives. With a “Think bold” mindset, Insta360 is reimagining the limits of action cameras, 360 VR cameras and traditional photography solutions. Powered by AI, the brand’s video editing software is revolutionizing the way creators make engaging content. Insta360 is dedicated to helping a new generation of athletes, creatives, adventure travelers and professionals bring their ideas to life.

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