Fight for Moms’ Rights Beyond Mother’s Day Weekend

Breastfeeding Infant Development Support Alliance Calls on You to Support Moms by Protecting Nursing Pillows

WASHINGTON, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – The ability for parents to choose how they feed their babies is at risk because of possible action by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Nursing Support Pillows are safely depended on millions of times a day by mothers and caregivers to aid in breastfeeding their babies. Despite this, the CPSC is threatening to significantly change or even ban Nursing Pillows.

In threatening to take action against this beloved product, the CPSC may be choosing to ignore more than 30 years of history, facts and medical guidance to impose the will of government over the needs of mothers. Taking away the rights to choose how to care for, comfort and support children is not the gift any loving mom wants.

The Breastfeeding Infant Development Support Alliance (BFIDSA) is made up of professionals, mothers, caregivers, and experts advocating for the proven benefits of breastfeeding for babies.

“Breastfeeding not only provides health benefits to moms but reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by 50%. Parents need more support not less. It is education about safe sleep for infants that is the most effective tool in preventing infant deaths in their sleeping environment,” says Alison Jacobson, CEO of First Candle, a non-profit Safe Sleep advocacy organization. “The trusted support provided by Nursing Pillows cannot be removed. In doing so we have grave concerns about alternative choices moms will make.”

CPSC’s failure to consider data around the safety, value, and intended purpose of nursing pillows would be another attack on women’s rights, a risk to maternal health, and a barrier to breastfeeding despite the American Academy of Pediatrics’ clear guidelines. Such regulation would not eliminate or even significantly reduce risks due to unsafe sleep environments.

That is why BFIDSA is asking all moms, caregivers, and anyone who loves and supports these important tools in babies’ lives to join the fight to save nursing pillows. Show your support for Nursing Pillows by visiting the to send a letter to your Members of Congress and CSPC demanding they support moms and caregivers by protecting one of the most valuable tools for feeding and comfort.

Behavioral changes require consistent education which does work when we meet parents where they are and treat them with empathy. We must ensure that nursing pillows remain available as the trusted support that moms and caregivers have come to rely on.


The Breastfeeding Infant Development Support Alliance is a growing community of manufacturers, retailers, breastfeeding advocates, maternal health advocates and healthcare professionals committed to ensuring the safety and continued availability of products used by parents and caregivers in support of breastfeeding and infant development. For more information, visit and #SavethePillow.

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