Poze Launches the World’s First Swipe-Free, Bot-Free Dating App to Connect Users Based on Favorite Charities and Shared Values

By going beyond the superficial, Poze’s algorithm and unique charity auction feature ensure that every date is based on common values and not only interests and activities.

FORT WORTH, Texas, May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Poze, the world’s first swipe-free, bot-free dating app to connect people based on their favorite charitable causes, announces its launch. By matching users based on compatibility beyond physical attraction and simple interests to create connection over shared values, Poze is the much-needed answer to today’s modern dating app burnout. This comes at a time when the $5.7 Billion online dating industry has caused “swipe culture fatigue” and the rise of bots, scammers, and online harassment has decreased consumers’ satisfaction and trust. A 2023 survey showed that only half of Americans have a positive view of online dating, while the number of those who report a negative experience increases year over year.

“The past decade has more than proven that online dating works for finding long-term partnerships, but the majority of the apps available still focus on superficial and ephemeral compatibility such as physical attraction or activity-based interests,” said Poze app founder and CEO Andrea Ryan. “By bringing shared values into the matchmaking equation, people now have a way to go on the first day with having already found meaningful common ground.”

Unlike other dating apps that simply display surface-level interests and characteristics, when suggesting matches, Poze’s unique algorithm intentionally focuses on the alignment of value systems. In a matter of minutes, users can easily sign up and start getting matched based on their favorite charities that reveal their deeper beliefs. Users then participate in a gamified charity date auction which helps them find their perfect match.

Poze’s innovative approach to matchmaking ensures that users back up their words with actions, and prevents bots and scammers from using the platform. In addition, pairing users based on these criteria fosters more robust and memorable conversations before and during the first date and creates deeper compatibility beyond mutable personality traits. Poze is available on Android, and iOS and available to anyone with a U.S.-based telephone number.

Committed to leading the charge in intentional modern dating, Poze projects that it will facilitate up to $1 Billion in charitable donations per year from users of the app. Later this year, Poze plans to release matching services for platonic friendships as well as skillshare donations for users to contribute their skills and knowledge to benefit a charitable organization they care about. 

About Poze

Poze is the world’s first swipe-free, bot-free dating app at the intersection of intentional online dating and social good. By going beyond the superficial, Poze matches users based on their favorite charities and causes, while giving users an opportunity to fund the organizations that are making the world a better place. Poze is committed to creating connections deeply rooted in shared values.

Media Contact
Andrea Ryan
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