Scientifically Formulated with Ingredients for Urinary Urgency, Frequency and Leakage

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — O Positiv, the supplement brand breaking taboos in women’s health, introduces their newest product URO Bladder Control Capsules.

Since the launch of its debut product FLO, the first-ever PMS support supplement on the market, O Positiv’s mission is to prioritize and advocate for women with effective products to address health concerns that have been historically overlooked. By offering a range of products to address vaginal, digestive, urinary, menstrual and menopausal health and fostering a community for education and discussion, O Positiv has positioned itself as a premier women’s health brand.

URO Bladder Control, once again, tackles an issue that many women suffer from in silence. It helps to reduce occasional urinary leakage, to improve daytime and nighttime urinary frequency and to relieve the full bladder feeling. Its scientifically formulated ingredients support healthy bladder control and normal bladder function.

Co-found Brianna Bitton says, “We’ve listened to our community and heard countless stories from women who suffer from a decrease in bladder control as they age, whether it be losing sleep from frequent trips to the bathroom during the night or leakage after a good laugh. It doesn’t have to be this way. We want to actively advocate for women with our products.”

The Mayo Clinic reports that urine incontinence, or the involuntary leakage of urine, is a common symptom that affects 50% of adult women. Prevalence of this problem increases with age, as up to 75% of women over 65 report urine leakage.

Each URO Bladder Control supplement contains Pumpkin Seed Extract, a powerhouse ingredient rich in B vitamins, amino acids, iron and zinc, all known to improve structural support of the bladder, which helps normalize urinary control; Soy Germ Extract, a naturally powerful plant extract known to support healthy bladder function and help relieve occasional urinary distress when combined with pumpkin seed extract; and Saw Palmetto which has a long history of use for supporting healthy urinary function.

In a clinical study using the ingredients in URO Bladder Support, 90% of participants reported that daily supplementation was helpful at addressing their urinary bladder issues.

O Positiv plans to continue expanding their range of products, which currently includes favorites – FLO PMS Gummies & Capsules, GOGO Prebiotic Fiber Gummies,  URO Urinary Tract & URO Vaginal Probiotic Capsules, GOGO Bloating and Gas Capsules, MENO Menopause Gummies & Capsules and RETRO Glowing Skin Gummies & Capsules.

To further advocate for women’s health, O Positiv works with the global nonprofit Period to end period poverty and stigma through service, education and advocacy.

URO Bladder Control Capsules retail for $26.99 for a subscription  at opositiv.com and amazon.com.

Follow O Positiv on Instagram at @opositiv.

About O Positiv 
O Positiv is the health and wellness brand prioritizing women by creating effective products to address health concerns that have been historically overlooked. O Positiv aims to break taboos with a line of products to address vaginal, skin, digestive, menstrual and menopausal health. For more information, visit opositiv.com.

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