1st National Crisis Management Agenda a reality: properly prepared for future crises

1st National Crisis Management Agenda a reality: properly prepared for future crises

The world and the threat landscape are changing and the whole of society is facing huge challenges. These include, for example, climate change, increasing global tensions, the energy transition and ongoing digitalisation. We need to be properly prepared for current and future crises which may be complicated, unpredictable, large scale and long term. That is why the central government, the safety regions and the public entities in the Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba) have, with the involvement of public and private partners, combined their joint ambitions and activities in the National Crisis Management Agenda for 2024-2029.

Joint responsibility

Preparing for risks and threats and the possibility of having to take action during a crisis is a task and responsibility for all of us, in other words for the whole of society. While society should rightly expect the government to go to great lengths to ensure proper crisis preparedness, the government cannot provide a cast-iron guarantee of safety and assistance.

3 ambitions

The National Crisis Management Agenda sets out the joint approach to crisis management over a 6 year period. The focus is on the first 3 years and the approach can be adjusted as necessary along the way.

The National Crisis Management Agenda translates risk and threat preparedness and planning into practice. That means having to make conscious choices, for example when it comes to people and resources, so that we can jointly deal with any major challenges in the future. In the process we need to involve society even more, because the impact on and the needs of society are an important factor.

Our work will be based on 3 ambitions:

  1. Improve preparedness and readiness.
  2. Create a more resilient society.
  3. Promote quality and professionalism.

Background to the Agenda

The National Crisis Management Agenda is a more detailed version of the Policy Outline Memorandum on Strengthening Crisis Management and Fire Services, and of line of action 12 from the Security Strategy for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It also incorporates the recommendations of the Dutch Safety Board (Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid) made in response to the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Originally published at https://www.government.nl/latest/news/2024/06/10/1st-national-crisis-management-agenda-a-reality-properly-prepared-for-future-crises

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