Temporary Protection Directive for refugees from Ukraine extended until 4 March 2025

Temporary Protection Directive for refugees from Ukraine extended until 4 March 2025

The war in Ukraine is still ongoing. Accordingly, EU member states have agreed today in Brussels to extend the current Temporary Protection Directive (TPD) by one year, until 4 March 2025. This will allow refugees from Ukraine to remain in EU member states for an additional year.

As millions of people from Ukraine fled the war with Russia, the Council of the European Union activated the TPD on 4 March 2022. This gives refugees from Ukraine a temporary right to accommodation, medical care, employment and education in all EU member states. Current national laws and regulations governing this will also remain in force until 4 March 2025.

State Secretary Eric van der Burg: ¨The situation in Ukraine is unfortunately still highly unstable. It is therefore necessary to provide clarity on the accommodation of refugees from Ukraine in European member states until March 2025. I support this wholeheartedly, as refugees still require accommodation in a safe place due to the ongoing war.¨

What will happen after the TPD expires?

Extending the TPD allows refugees from Ukraine to remain in the Netherlands until 4 March 2025. The Cabinet is currently developing strategic policy options for the accommodation and return of refugees from Ukraine after 4 March 2025. The Netherlands is committed to a coordinated European solution to avoid major differences in approach among EU countries. Since the activation of the TPD, we have seen that a coordinated approach works well.

Who falls under the TPD?

After registration in the municipal Key Register of Persons, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) assesses whether refugees from Ukraine are covered by the TPD. This remains applicable to the same group, also with extension until 4 March 2025.

This group includes refugees with the Ukrainian nationality in the Netherlands who left Ukraine after 26 November 2021, as well as people with Ukrainian nationality who had been in the Netherlands for an extended period of time before 27 November 2021 (for work, for example, and who are now unable to return safely). In addition, the directive also covers third-country nationals from Ukraine without Ukrainian nationality but with a permanent residence permit, as are third-country nationals from Ukraine with (inter)national protection. Family members of these groups are also included under the directive.

On 2 September 2023, the State Secretary for Justice and Security decided to freeze the implications of the termination of temporary protection for third-country nationals with temporary residence permits in Ukraine until the Council of State renders its decision on appeal.

Originally published at https://www.government.nl/latest/news/2023/09/28/temporary-protection-directive-for-refugees-from-ukraine-extended-until-4-march-2025

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