Chamoy Creative Sees Uber Success in Hispanic Marketing

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hispanic advertising is gaining traction as 19% of the U.S. population is Hispanic-American with a prediction that this number will increase to 28% by 2060.

To resonate with this critical market growth, national brands are seeking assistance from agencies that are based in the nation’s most Hispanic populous cities like San Antonio, Texas where 65% of residents are Hispanic. 

“Hispanics are growth, they are economic power, they are the future,” said Ramiro Cavazos, President & CEO, of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “Every major brand across the United States will need to resonate with Hispanic people. U.S. Hispanics’ annual buying power is expected to exceed $2.5 trillion in the next two years—that growth is double the rate of non-Hispanics, according to the latest census figures.”

An example of this is when Uber and Johannes Leonardo, an award-winning NYC creative agency, wanted to launch their “Earn like a Boss Campaign,” to the Hispanic market. They turned to Chamoy Creative, a Hispanic agency based out of San Antonio.

“Resonating with Hispanic people is not as simple as a translation into Spanish,” said Lauri Revilla, Co-founder for Chamoy Creative. “There are cultural, historic, and familial nuances that need to be understood, not just considered. Just as important is creating a holistic approach where English and Spanish creative work together.” 

Focusing on the entrepreneurial spirit of Hispanics was a no-brainer for Chamoy. Their “Sé Tú / Sé tu Propio(a) Jefe(a)” campaign is rooted in the theme that Uber welcomes you to be yourself and do what you value most with the flexibility, income, and options that Uber offers.

“Being your own boss can be a dream for many people, but this holds especially true for U.S. Hispanics,” said Revilla. “That’s why it comes as no surprise that Hispanics are opening more small businesses than anyone else in the United States. Uber’s model provides the perfect opportunity for Hispanics to take the first steps towards achieving their dream.”

Chamoy showcased real Hispanic earners of different ages, backgrounds, and accents. Their vision was for Hispanics to see and hear themselves in these drivers, inspiring possibilities for themselves. The campaign further connects and empowers Hispanic females by utilizing “jefa” when featuring a female driver.

“The paradigm is shifting,” added Revilla. “Hispanic Americans should be part of every campaign. Being in San Antonio, we live this every day. Who brands are speaking to as Americans has changed.”

Chamoy’s “Sé Tú / Sé tu Propio(a) Jefe(a)” campaign runs through the end of the year across broadcast television, OOH, social media, audio, and online video.

About Chamoy Creative:
Chamoy Creative is a group of young and creative advertising experts who identified a targeted communications gap (holistic, Hispanic, millennial) and took action. They communicate well with Hispanics and Millennials because they are Hispanics and Millennials. Their mindset is confident, decisive, trend-setting and limitless. The ultimate goal: unite cultures to make a positive impact on brands and communities.

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