DALLAS, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Founded by visionary foodservice industry leaders more than three decades ago, today Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) is a non-profit supported by a cross section of 70+ industry partners who place a value on helping more women seize new opportunities, break through barriers, accelerate career advancement with professional development and a member community that enables them to grow their capabilities and drive strong business performance all year long.

“We’re growing every year because we serve both talented, ambitious women building their careers in the foodservice industry, and the companies that need their talent,” explained WFF President & CEO, Therese Gearhart. “Many women in the industry today can point to experiences with WFF — from targeted educational programming to purposeful networking and access to inspiring role models and mentors — that helped them thrive. When we accelerate women’s career progress, we also accelerate their ability to contribute. That’s how we’re Changing the Face of Leadership.”

Developing leaders
In the journey of its 35-year legacy, WFF stands alongside our partners as a beacon of empowerment and progress for women. Today, WFF is not just an organization; it’s a catalyst for driving positive change in the foodservice industry:

  • Over 12,800 registered across WFF programs last year, signaling a recognition of the value and quality of professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Innovative leadership development programs that support women all year long, and all career long, with a library of on-demand recorded sessions, podcasts and articles covering all leadership competencies.
  • Monthly complimentary virtual events hosted by professional speakers and industry executives sharing insights and providing attendees inspiration and connection.
  • Expanded leadership development events across the country to meet the needs of all women where they are in their career journey.

More women lead in senior roles today than ever before, but progress is still needed to drive gender equity and prime the talent pipeline that allows emerging leaders a clear pathway to senior roles. “I am thrilled to celebrate this milestone with WFF,” said WFF Founding Member and Chair of the Board of Directors at Tractor Supply Company, Edna Morris. “I’m even more excited about how WFF continues to innovate to meet new challenges and the changing needs of women and our industry.”

Charting a bold path forward
WFF is committed to expanding its reach to more women with offerings that help them learn, be inspired, connect and grow. The organization is focused on several key priorities as it celebrates its 35th anniversary throughout 2024:

  • Increasing engagement of C-suite women by re-introducing the Executive Summit. 
  • Launching an online application for its scholarship program in spring 2024 to reach new attendees who might otherwise not be able to attend in-person events.
  • Expanding digital offerings and content to support women with learning, inspiration and connection 24/7 throughout the year and across all career stages.
  • SHRM Continuing Education Credits launching at the Leadership Conference.
  • Introducing a new donation program for individuals to support WFF. If you’re interested in making a contribution to support women in the industry, please visit here.

“I am proud of the many ways WFF has helped women and men grow over the past 35 years and excited about our bold plans for the future,” said Chair of the WFF Board and Chief People and Diversity Officer for Darden Restaurants, Sarah King. “I’ve experienced personally and seen through others, how powerful it is to have the support, role models, network of peers and mentors, and cutting-edge content that enables you to grow your capabilities and your impact.”

With 35 years of experience accelerating women’s advancement, WFF is poised to magnify its contributions to making gender equity in the Foodservice Industry a reality. Becoming a member of WFF opens doors to unparalleled networking opportunities, mentorship programs and access to resources tailored to advancing women’s careers in the foodservice industry. The organization has evolved to embrace a holistic approach in supporting women across the ecosystem, providing initiatives that foster leadership development, promote diversity and inclusion and drive innovation at every level of the industry.

ABOUT WOMEN’S FOODSERVICE FORUM: Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) is the leading non-profit advocacy community for women in the foodservice industry. WFF leverages research, insights and best practice solutions that enable food companies to address the pressing need for talent, drive better consumer insights and increase business performance by realizing the full potential of women leaders. Working since 1989 to provide the tools and resources to help women build leadership competencies that enhance career advancement, WFF also partners with the foodservice industry to create work environments where women thrive, and organizations reap the rewards of a gender-diverse workforce. For more information, visit wff.org.

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