CES 2024 Best Innovation Award Winner ONECOM to Participate in CSUN AT Conference 2024

  • Take notice of visually impaired individuals adapting to live in the metaverse and XR world

ANAHEIM, Calif. and SEOUL, South Korea, March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ONECOM, the creator of the world’s first QWERTY communicator, the Fintin V1, will be exhibiting at ‘CSUN AT Conference 2024’, the world’s largest event dedicated to assistive technology for people with disabilities, to be held From March 18-22, 2024 at the Anaheim Marriott in Anaheim, California.

“Best Innovation Award Product ‘Fintin V1’ at ‘CES 2024’

Fintin V1, an interface device that utilizes tactile sensations, won both ‘the Best Innovation Award’ in the Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps category and another ‘Innovation Award’ at ‘CES 2024’, the world’s largest consumer information technology exhibition held in Las Vegas in January.

ONECOM’s ‘Fintin V1’ is the world’s first product with 6 key-modules designed to support 36 inputs, allowing users to type using the familiar QWERTY layout. It offers an intuitive experience requiring no learning curve for users familiar with the QWERTY layout, enabling fast and accurate typing through tactile feedback without the need to look at the keys. Additionally, its compact and portable design is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications, from mobility solutions to gaming devices.

‘Fintin V1’ focuses on the visually impaired

Following its accolade of ‘the Best Innovation Award’ at ‘CES 2024’, ONECOM has attracted interest and received various proposals from global companies. Currently, the area ONECOM is most focused on is the field related to ‘the visually impaired’. This focus is grounded in ONECOM’s empirical awakening.

As a field that can be applied to the needs of users most efficiently, we have been operating the ‘Experience Program for the Visually Impaired’

This program periodically invites visually impaired people to use ‘Fintin V1’ to enjoy various IT life such as social media, web searching and games.

Through this program, visually impaired individuals utilized the ‘Fintin V1’ through the tactile feedback at their fingertips, providing feedback to enhance the device’s efficiency, ease of use, and convenience. They also discovered how the device’s familiar QWERTY keyboard layout significantly improves accessibility across various applications, including smartphone use. ONECOM recognized the extraordinary potential within the visually impaired community and the transformative impact the ‘Fintin V1’ could have on their lives. It’s noteworthy that visually impaired people have adeptly adapted to environments like the Metaverse/XR, which are detached from physical reality.

ONECOM is set to launch a project aimed at empowering visually impaired individuals both domestically and internationally to communicate with the world seamlessly through ‘Fintin V1’, leveraging their unique perceptions and untapped potential to make a significant impact.

And through participation in ‘CSUN 2024,’ we aim to network with like-minded good leaders in the United States who resonate with our VISION, and we are also planning collaborations with good partner companies.”

ONECOM envisions a world in which over 285 million visually impaired individuals globally can independently pursue education, interact, work, and manage their daily lives. In this world, they can freely socialize with non-disabled people, communicate in real-time, and collaboratively create content.

‘Fintin V1’ can be infinitely expanded to the field of non-disabled people

ONECOM’s technology is set to revolutionize text input across multiple sectors, including smart mobility solutions and gaming (with compatibility for Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo, PC and others), as well as Metaverse/XR headsets and the Apple Vision Pro. This innovation is attracting attention from global companies, showcasing its widespread applicability.

‘A world where everyone can communicate in real time without barriers’ 
‘A happy life for everyone in that world

We are excited about ONECOM’s plans and hope they get noticed around the world.


ONECOM is an innovator in mobile text input solutions for emerging technologies, including the Metaverse, XR, AR, and VR. Its patented ‘Structured Mini Qwerty’ technology modularizes a full QWERTY keyboard into just 6 keys for rapid text input in a pocket-sized form factor, helping users quickly develop muscle memory. Utilizing a standard QWERTY layout allows for broad compatibility across languages, including Spanish. ONECOM is developing products applying this technology across devices for the visually impaired, XR headsets and gaming controllers, smart TV remotes, and mobile AI input devices. The company is also actively pursuing third-party IP licensing opportunities.


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