New Year’s reception for the diplomatic corps

On January 10th 2023, the Danish Parliament hosted its annual New Year’s reception for the diplomatic corps.

In his welcome speech the Speaker of the Danish Parliament Mr. Søren Gade emphasized the importance of further strengthening the dialogue between the diplomatic corps and members of parliament. 

Among other things, he said:

»International politics is now in many ways an integral part of the agenda of national Parliaments. The climate crisis and the war in Ukraine are obvious examples. The 24th of February 2022 was a dark hour for Europe. The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine was horrifying and it was an attack on the rule based world order as well as on the right to self-determination on the part of the nations.

From the beginning of the invasion, the Danish government and the Danish Parliament have been steadfast supporters of Ukraine’s right to defend its territory, its people and its independence. In March 2022, Ukrainian President Zelenskyj, delivered a historic virtual address to the Danish Parliament. This winter, more than ever, Ukraine and the brave Ukrainian people need our support to get through a cold and very difficult period. 

In the Danish Parliament, we strongly support international cooperation and conflict resolution. Denmark wholeheartedly supports an international world order based on the rule of law, human rights and democracy.«

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