The Opening Debate 2023

The opening debate of the new parliamentary year takes place at the Danish Parliament 5 October. At the debate, Members of the Danish Parliament will discuss the Prime Minister’s opening speech including the government’s plans for the upcoming parliamentary session.

The opening debate is one of the longest debates in the Members’ diary. The subject for debate in the Chamber is Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s speech at the opening of the Danish Parliament on Tuesday, 3 October 2023.


The opening debate begins 5 October at 09:00am. It often drags on until after midnight, adjourned only for lunch and dinner breaks. Any political topic, national or international, is up for debate. However, the opening debate tends very quickly to boil down to a few specific subjects, depending on what is currently most topical.

The Party spokespersons take the rostrum in turn by the size of their parliamentary group. Each makes a spokesperson’s speech.  The Social Democratic Party’s spokesperson speaks first, followed by The Liberal Party, The Moderates, The Socialist People’s Party, The Denmark Democrats, Liberal Alliance, The Conservative Party, and so on. After each spokesperson’s speech, the floor is open to a debate, in which Members of the Danish Parliament may ask questions of the spokesperson in question.  Following the spokespersons’ speeches, the Prime Minister speaks and then the floor is open to a debate, in which Members may ask questions of the Prime Minister.


You can watch the opening debate from the spectators’ gallery or on the Danish Parliament’s TV channel.


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