The President of the European Parliament visited the Danish Parliament

On Wednesday, 26 April 2023, the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola from Malta, visited the Danish Parliament. Her visit to Denmark forms part of the run-up to next year’s elections to the European Parliament.

Accompanied by Speaker Søren Gade, Roberta Metsola proceeded directly from handshakes on the main staircase down into the basement where a class of 8th Grade students were playing the educational game “Politician for a Day”.  

Mrs Metsola followed the game with interest as she campaigns to encourage young people to develop greater engagement and interest in European politics.  

Having made acquaintance with the educational game, Mrs Metsola proceeded into the opulent Conversation Room where she met with the Presidium of the Danish Parliament. During this meeting, she had an opportunity to exchange a few words about the future of the EU, issues regarding asylum and immigration in Europe, and international repercussions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

In this connection, Mrs Metsola stated that Russian aggression had produced a demonstration of strong European cohesion that she wished to see become a platform for future development in the EU.   

Later, Speaker Søren Gade showed his guest the Danish Constitutional Act in the Lobby, and Mrs Metsola signed the Danish Parliament’s visitor’s book.  

It was also important for Mrs Metsola that she met people other than the representatives of Danish officialdom. Therefore, she went along to Rysensteen Gymnasium, a high school in Copenhagen, to discuss the future of the EU, green transition and other topical issues with 450 students.  

She also found time in her schedule for a chat with Adam Price, the creator and head scriptwriter of the TV series “Borgen” which portrays a melting pot of political drama, wheeling and dealing with personal pickles and scrapes.  

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