Starwatching Private Camp – Experience luxury and authenticity in Oman

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Starwatching private camp

Starwatching private camp

Starwatching Private Camp view

Starwatching Private Camp view

An unforgettable holiday organised by Desert Private Camping Company – Oman Desert Private Camp

MUSCAT, ASH SHARQIYAH NORTH, OMAN, March 29, 2022 / — Starwatching Private Camp – Experience luxury and authenticity in Oman

Sanitising by Ozone – All Natural – Non Toxic – Ozone disinfection for the camps and tourist vehicles.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to be out in the middle of the desert at night and see millions and millions of stars?

Summary: There are no light sources near our accommodation that could illuminate the night and spoil this unique spectacle.

With us as your holidaymakers you will experience this memorising event every night they spend in one of our Private Desert Camps.

Desert Private Camping Company is the exclusive travel agency for those who want to get to know the real culture of Oman, with the most comfort of a hotel in the desert, a lot of authenticity and a touch of luxury.

Stargazing – Experience Oman in our million star camps

Known as Star Watching Private Camp – Oman Desert Private Camp

Fantastic nights in the unique Starwatching Private Camp

Stay at Starwatching Private Camp which is set on the highest dunes of Wahiba Sands Desert and consists of only two super spacious luxury tents and a Bedouin Majlis tent.

The camp can be booked as a whole, alternatively just the individual tent. Here you can enjoy the perfect combination of tradition and oriental luxury.

An unforgettable holiday with us Desert Private Camping Company – Oman Desert Private Camp

The Starwatching Private Camp is equipped with everything you could want for a wonderful holiday: not only comfortable facilities, but they are even mood lighted by by solar powered energy. There is even a refrigerator in the Starwatching Private Camp. Environment friendly with only solar and no plastic bottled water.

Service staff is available for personal needs and withdraw discreetly when not needed.

When the weather is nice, guests can not only spend their nights in the tents, but also in our cozy open-air beds. The stars can be observed well from here. Should it be a bit cooler, the guest even has a pleasant hot water shower as well solar powered.

This camp is perfect for private stays, like small family stays, honeymoon, meditation, yoga, theta healing and other therapeutic getaways or intense relaxation trips.

WInter season is closing soon in end of April but the camps will reopen in October again of course with special safety procedure

Starwatching Private Camp – Oman Desert Private Camp offer early bird 10% discount for the upcoming season on rooms rates incl HB:

Starwatching Private Camp: Code* 10STW

ShootingStar Private Camp: Code* 10SHOOT

Oman Desert Private Camp – Bedouin Tent : Code* 10BEDU

Codes are usable till 30.12.2023 and valid till 30.12.2022

Special experiences for a beautiful trip.

Of course, Desert Private Camping Company guests do not only spend their time in the Starwatching Private Camp.

Many other attractions in Oman that can be availed at your convenience. These include, for example, camel trekking, desert crossings or trekking tours and also camping with Bedouins.

Different services can be put together individually, like mountain trips, diving, packages, fishing trips, hotel bookings and private guided roundtrips.

Further information

With Desert Private Camping Company you rely on a competent partner when planning your next trip to Oman.

Make your dreams of 1001 nights come true.

See Oman through the eyes, in the same way that the locals enjoy it.

Have a wonderful holiday and get to know the country as it really is: That is only possible with Desert Private Camping Company!

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