Sudan – Decision by the Sudanese authorities to approve cross-border humanitarian operations from Tina (7 March 2024)

France commends the Sudanese authorities on their decision announced on March 6, 2024, to approve cross-border humanitarian operations to be carried out from Chad to Darfur through the city of Tina. France calls on the Sudanese authorities to implement any measures needed to apply this decision on the ground and to remove the obstacles to the humanitarian organizations’ work.

France reiterates its calls to the parties to the conflict to ensure free, safe, and unhindered access to humanitarian aid throughout all of Sudan so that all the necessary aid reaches those who need it, in keeping with the commitments they undertook in Jeddah on May 11 and November 4, 2023. France condemns the attacks carried out on humanitarian personnel and infrastructure and reminds the parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law.

France, Germany, and the EU will be holding an international humanitarian conference for Sudan and its neighboring countries in Paris on April 15, 2024, one year after the hostilities began. This conference will bring together Sudan’s primary partners and neighboring countries, as well as the international and humanitarian organizations operating in Sudan. It aims to provide the necessary funding for humanitarian aid to Sudan and to issue a call to the parties to the conflict to provide free, safe, unhindered access to humanitarian aid throughout Sudan.

France will not waver in its efforts to ensure that the crisis in Sudan is not forgotten.

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