Legacy Expeditions Announces New Expedition – Team of Special Operations Soldiers to Row Treacherous Drake Passage to Fund Folds of Honor Scholarships

Legacy Expeditions seeks to inspire individuals, raise funds for veteran causes, and promote positive stories of resilience and growth among combat veterans.

NEW YORK, May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Legacy Expeditions, a renowned, veteran-owned extreme expedition and adventure company, is thrilled to announce its upcoming Drake’s Fury Expedition, following the success of its record-setting Triple 7 expedition in January. This extraordinary expedition will see a 6-man team of military special operations veterans rowing from Antarctica to Chile, crossing the treacherous Drake Passage, a 600-mile body of water between South America’s Cape Horn, Chile, Argentina, and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. The primary goal of this endeavor is to inspire others to achieve more in service, resilience, and adventure while raising crucial funds for scholarships for children of fallen service members through the Folds of Honor Foundation.

The Drake’s Fury Expedition has two additional rows preceding Drake Passage that include a Gulf of Mexico Row in December 2023/January 2024, the Bering Strait Row in the summer of 2024, with the culmination of the expedition conquering Drake Passage in December 2024/January 2025.

At the heart of the Drake’s Fury Expedition lies a mission to change the narrative surrounding combat veterans and honor the sacrifice of those who have served. Combat veterans from the Global War on Terrorism and other conflicts have an extreme capacity for resilience and capacity for “Post-Traumatic Growth”, wherein combat experiences can transform individuals into kinder, more empathetic beings. This expedition aims to encourage veterans to embrace risk, live life to the fullest, and carry the memories of their fallen comrades with them.

Drake Passage is notorious for its treacherous conditions, including strong winds, towering waves, and unpredictable weather. With no resistance from landmasses and waves reaching up to 40 feet, it is widely regarded as “the most powerful convergence of seas.” The Legacy team will undertake the challenging task of rowing from the Antarctic Peninsula to Chile (Cape Horn) against these daunting elements, aiming to break the current record for the fastest time to row across the Drake Passage.

To ensure the safety and support of the team, a dedicated support vessel will accompany them, providing important information, video support, and rescue capabilities. The logistics of this expedition are expected to be exceptionally demanding, given the extreme nature of the journey. Support team lead includes Mike Sarraille, retired Navy SEAL officer and co-founder of Legacy Expeditions, Dr. Kirk Parsley, former Navy SEAL physician and Drake’s Fury team physician, as well as director and producer, Dan Myrick.

An integral part of Legacy Expeditions’ mission is to capture and share the remarkable adventure through a world-class documentary-series. This series will not only captivate viewers with awe-inspiring visuals but also impart valuable lessons about human potential, facing fears, and overcoming trauma. The distribution of this documentary-series will serve as a means to continue to raise funds for veteran causes.

Legacy Expeditions has an impressive track record, having previously completed the record-breaking Triple 7 Expedition in January 2023. Nine former U.S. and Canadian military service members successfully completed all seven jumps on seven continents in just 6 days, 6 hours, and 6 minutes, setting multiple new world records. In total, Legacy Expeditions broke six world records and raised $900,000 for veteran causes to date. The Drake’s Fury Expedition aims to break three more world records and contribute to an ambitious goal of raising $7 million for the Folds of Honor Foundation within the next five years.

Join Legacy Expeditions on this thrilling adventure as they strive to inspire and support veterans while making a lasting impact on Folds of Honor scholarships. Together, we can illuminate the path towards a brighter future by providing surviving children of fallen military members with education scholarships.

Legacy Expeditions is a renowned adventure and philanthropic organization dedicated to honoring and supporting veterans. Through extraordinary expeditions and world-class documentaries, Legacy Expeditions seeks to inspire individuals, raise funds for veteran causes, and promote positive stories of resilience and growth among combat veterans.

For media inquiries, please contact: Tamara Colbert, e: [email protected], c: 626.244.5571.

About Legacy Expeditions: Legacy Expeditions is an adventure capital firm founded to bring adrenaline-filled expeditions to life while honoring the memories and legacies of America’s fallen and Allied Troops lost during the Global War on Terrorism. Previous expeditions include the Firm’s recent 2023 Triple 7 Expedition, 2022 Viking Sky Expedition, and the 2021 Mt. Everest Expedition. To learn more, visit www.legacyexpeditions.net.

Sponsors: Peter M.D., Concept2, WHOOP, Men’s Journal, Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy, The Men’s Journal Everyday Warrior Podcast with Mike Sarraille, ATTA, Talent War Group, Cleared Hot with Andy Stumpf, and Power Athlete.

About Folds of Honor: Folds of Honor is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of military members who have fallen or been disabled while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Our educational scholarships support private school tuition or tutoring in grades K-12, tuition for college, technical or trade school, and post-graduate work, including a master’s degree, doctorate, or professional program. Funds for a second bachelor’s degree or trade/technical program certification are also available. Since its inception in 2007, Folds of Honor has awarded over 35,000 scholarships totaling more than $160 million in all 50 states. Among the students served, 41 percent are minorities. It is rated a four-star charity by Charity Navigator and Platinum on GuideStar. It was founded by Lt Col Dan Rooney, the only-ever F-16 fighter pilot (with three combat tours in Iraq) and PGA Professional. For more information or to donate in support of a Folds of Honor scholarship visit www.foldsofhonor.org.

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