TAMPA, Fla., March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pinnacle Fertility announced today the launch of Pinnacle Egg Bank, a robust frozen donor egg program dedicated to serving patients who need the help of an egg donor to build their families. Pinnacle Fertility is expanding access to high-quality donors nationwide as donor eggs at the Pinnacle Egg Bank are available to any patient working with an approved US fertility clinic. Egg donors in the program are fully medically, genetically, and psychologically screened to offer the highest quality donors for families.

Individuals and couples needing the help of donor eggs on their journey to parenthood isn’t uncommon. In 2020, approximately 2,500 frozen donor eggs were used in the US with fertility treatments to help people try to conceive. Pinnacle Fertility, the nation’s fastest-growing physician-led fertility care platform, brings 30+ collective years of expertise in successful donor egg IVF cycles, providing a supportive and seamless journey for both intended parents and egg donors.

As a leader with over 20+ years of experience in egg donation and egg freezing, Dr. John Jain, the founder of Santa Monica Fertility, is at the helm of the Pinnacle Egg Bank. Dr. Jain is committed to advancements in the areas of cryopreservation through cutting-edge research to improve the likelihood of pregnancy and the birth of healthy babies using donor eggs.

“We’re really proud of the program we’ve built to help patients have access to the highest quality frozen donor eggs available,” says Dr. Jain, “Whether it’s a patient with poor egg quality, a gay couple, or someone who hasn’t found success conceiving with their own eggs, this program is here to help anyone build their dream of family, and that is a great feeling.” 

The skills and expertise of the Pinnacle clinical and laboratory teams underscore the quality of the available frozen donor eggs, which have consistently resulted in high pregnancy rates across multiple affiliate clinics. Advances in egg freezing techniques have made frozen eggs a desirable option. Frozen eggs have comparable success rates to fresh eggs and provide intended parents with an expanded pool of prospective donors while avoiding the need to synchronize the donor cycle with the egg recipient or gestational carrier’s cycle. Patients choosing frozen eggs from the program may experience expedited treatment, greater flexibility and benefit from some cost savings compared to using fresh eggs. The Pinnacle Egg Bank team creates a more streamlined and integrated journey for our patients, supporting both donors and intended parents with a smooth and efficient experience every step of the way.

“We are driven by our mission to help fulfill dreams by building families. Creating access to high-quality options that are going to give patients the best likelihood of success is the reason we created the Pinnacle Egg Bank. Not only does this program help patients within our network of clinics, but it also expands our ability to support more growing families anywhere in the US regardless of where they are seeking fertility care,” adds Beth Zoneraich, Chief Operating Officer at Pinnacle Fertility.

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About Pinnacle Egg Bank

Pinnacle Egg Bank is a frozen egg donor program helping families realize their dream of parenthood. Offering a robust pool of donors who are fully medically, genetically and psychologically screened to provide the healthiest, highest quality egg donor options available. The Pinnacle Egg Bank is led by visionary and egg donation pioneer, Dr. John Jain. Learn more at

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