Citizenship Day 2023

On Sunday, September 10, 2023, the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) will host the annual festive Citizenship Day.

Citizenship Day has been held since 2006, to mark the significance of obtaining Danish citizenship, and to demonstrate the close connection between politicians and the citizens. Everyone who acquired Danish citizenship in 2022 is invited. The Folketing expects up to 2,600 individuals to participate.

“Citizenship Day is an important day, where the Folketing welcomes new Danish citizens. With citizenship comes the right to vote in the Folketing, allowing you to have a say in the development of Danish society. It’s the greatest gift one can receive in a democracy.
Therefore, I also expect that the new Danes will embrace Danish society and engage in both local and national democracy,” says Søren Gade, the Speaker of the Folketing.

Program for Citizenship Day, Sunday, September, 2023

1:00 PM: Welcome and entertainment in the inner courtyard of Christiansborg Palace

  • Welcome and speech by the Speaker of the Folketing, Søren Gade
  • Musical performance by Annette Heick and Caspar Phillipson accompanied by an orchestra.
  • “Kompagni B” from the Royal Theater’s Ballet School will perform.
  • Musical performance by the Royal Life Guards (Livgarden) Music Band.
  • Community sing-a-long : “There Is a Lovely Land.”

2:00 PM: Open house at the Folketing, Christiansborg Palace.

  • Meet the political parties of the Folketing and tour of the Folketing’s premises.
  • Refreshments will be served at the Folketing.


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