Choose France 2024: France has boosted its appeal

The 7th Choose France Summit was held on Monday, 13 May 2024 at the Château de Versailles with the theme “France, Land of Champions”. It brought together nearly 200 foreign business leaders from 40 different nations. On this occasion, 56 projects were announced amounting to €15 billion in investments and 10,000 jobs to be created.

Choose France, an annual forum for international investors

Since it was launched by President Macron in January 2018, the Choose France Summit has become a flagship forum for international investors. This Summit provides a key opportunity for government officials, foreign investors and flagship French companies to meet. It stresses the importance of international investments to support growth, innovation and employment in France.

Foreign companies confirm their intention to set up and conduct major projects in France

This 7th Summit was record breaking: 56 projects were announced amounting to €15 billion in investments and making way for 10,000 new jobs.

These projects are in line with the government’s priorities to ensure France’s reindustrialization and central position in terms of production in strategic fields.

The following announcements are of note:

  • Microsoft announced an investment of €4 billion, the largest to date in France, to support French growth in the new artificial intelligence economy.
  • Pfizer plans to invest more than €500 million in France over the next five years (2024-2028), through ambitious public-private partnerships focused on innovation.
  • Amazon announced more than €1.2 billion in upcoming investments in France, which will result in more than 3,000 direct permanent jobs created.
  • Astrazeneca announced an investment of €365 million to expand the Dunkirk site creating 100 additional jobs.

India, the Summit’s guest country of honour, was the focus of a round table with French and Indian companies.

Lasty, this year’s Summit directly mentioned all the major events marking the year 2024, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 and the emblematic public figures and places in the Make it Iconic campaign.

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